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Juan Manzur: an official immersed in a paralyzed administration

The Government is trapped between the walls of an economic crisis. A dollar that does not stop growing and that is already at $219 with an exchange rate gap of 110%. Accompanied by dire parameters with inflation among the highest in the world and poverty that reaches almost half the population and is equivalent to the same number of people who receive a social plan from the State.

In parallel, the internal one that was put to sleep for the legislative elections last November, bounced back regarding the negotiations with the IMF in which, clearly, Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner have a different opinion.

The president and Minister Martín Guzmán would like to sign an agreement with the Fund as soon as possible to end the uncertainty which is daily reflected in the country risk. Instead, at the Instituto Patria they flirt with a default, in a sort of game of chicken, in which two players challenge each other to the brink of death until one of them quits. Christina will search take the negotiation to the limit to get some revenue. The truth is that the government seems paralyzed.

A situation picture like this devours any official who tries to give some agility and predictability to Fernández’s management. That is what happened to the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur.

The Tucuman governor on leave went from the hyperactivity with meetings with ministers at seven in the morning, to disappear from the media and social networks for two weeks, beyond some activities that he held. His voice was not heard to provide the official position on a possible agreement with the Fund, the annual inflation of 50.9%, the march to remove the Supreme Court, the relationship with Washington, the appearance of the Iranian fugitive Mohsen Rezai in Nicaragua in the same place where the ambassador Daniel Capitanich was, or Luana Volnovich’s trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

In one of the three legs of the Front of All, they assure that there is another element that supports the rumors about the continuity of Manzur in the national cabinet: the friction with the President despite the clarifications made to Clarion in which he described the link with the president as excellent. Affirm that the relationship is not the same, and that a certain autonomy of the Chief of Staff led Fernández to distrust his intentions. It happens that after the rebellion led by Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro with his resignation, by order of Cristina Kirchner, the president listens differently to those officials who are not of his kidney.

“If the Chief of Staff does not speak and neither does the Minister of the Interior nor the head of the bloc, only the spokeswoman (Gabriela) Cerruti, who lowers a clear line from the Government?”asks a legislator from the Front of All.

Indeed, political communication is still a problem for the Pink House. Cerruti’s interventions are not enough to calm the markets, to provide predictability or to set an agenda that prevents the Executive from always running after the issues of the day.

From that Manzur with close ties to the United States, an official remained who was on the fringes of the search for political support from the Joe Biden administration who embodied alone and uphill, Ambassador Jorge Argüello and Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

That leader who was emerging as a potential presidential candidate for 2023, disappeared from the payroll that today Alberto Fernández heads alone, and in which Sergio Massa and eventually some cristinista are always noted. From Peter?

The reality that surrounds Manzur knew how to pass, in some way, to Massa, when he was appointed in July 2008 chief of staff of the government of Cristina Kirchner. At that time, the political boss was Néstor Kirchner. The current president of the Chamber of Deputies began his administration with a striking dynamic. But little by little it faded away when he observed that it collided with the radio management that the presidential marriage gave to the administration. A few days after completing a year in office, he resigned.

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