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Juan Lebrón: “I try to improve, but not everyone liked God or Jesus Christ”

Juan Lebron He is the best player in the world along with his partner, Alexander Galan. Both have mastered paddle forming the best couple in recent years, but getting here has not been easy. Lebrón is from Cádiz and to be the best he had to leave everything and everyone behind. At the age of 17, his parents left him in Madrid so that he could try to fulfill his dream and He has achieved it based on a lot of work.

in the stands of World Padel Tour it is common to hear howls because Lebrón is nicknamed “El Lobo”. He is a charismatic player, with an unusual talent, as his coaches pointed out to us, Mariano Amat Y Jorge Martinez, and a maximum competitor. This coming season will be the most international to date and the one with the most tournaments, with a total of 24 events in 13 countries. “Why are we not going to be able to win all the tournaments?” Lebrón replied when we asked him about the equality that exists in the men’s circuit.

Lebron caters to digital freedom during a 20-minute interview in which he does not shy away from any question. He talks about the new circuit that will be promoted from qatarof the zero pressure he has on the track, of his teammate Ale Galan with whom he wants to be all his life, or the criticism he receives from the public because Lebrón is aware that there are fans who do not understand his strong character when he competes: “I have to improve those gesticulations on the trackbut I can’t promise you that I will get it. I try to improve, but God or Jesus Christ did not like everyone”

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