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Juan Grabois visited one of those arrested for the stone attack on Congress and said he is a political prisoner

Kirchnerist leader Juan Grabois visited one of those detained for the stone-throwing attack on Congress that occurred on March 10, when the bill to enable the Government to request a loan from the IMF was being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies. The leader of the Movement of Excluded Workers and the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy visited the Venezuelan citizen alexander rodriguez, who was filmed throwing stones at the National Congress and identified by the police and has been held in pretrial detention since the day of his arrest. After the meeting, Grabois said Monday that Rodríguez is “a political prisoner.”

According to Grabois in a note he wrote in El, Rodríguez “is at the disposal of the judiciary of the City of Buenos Aires, which keeps him in a ridiculous pretrial detention despite the absence of any evidence that implicates him in the crimes he is accused of. His lawyer, Martín Alderete, tells me that the complaint did not oppose any release “.

Juan Grabois with Alexander Rodriguez

The head of the CTEP visited a detainee.

According to Grabois, Rodríguez “sympathizes with Cristina (Kirchner)” in political terms. The vice president herself considered that attack on Congress as an attack especially directed at her person, despite the fact that the stones and paint bombs thrown by Rodríguez and another group of protesters not only destroyed her office, but also caused destruction in the offices of two other Kirchnerist senators.

After the attack, Cristina Kirchner had a video filmed showing the destruction in her office and did not accuse those who threw the stones. Instead, the vice president blamed that attack on the policies “of the International Monetary Fund” and the “economic plan” of the government. Even the Buenos Aires minister Andrés Larroque, one of the heads of La Cámpora, complained about the passivity of the national government and the silence of his official despite that complaint by the vice president.

“What generates violence is the International Monetary Fund, as Cristina Kirchner said in her video; there is the immediate responsible party. If you want to look for the immediate one around the specific event, you have to point to the criminal negligence of not putting up a perimeter fence in a mobilization that, like the pension reform, had all the numbers to end as it did. It is enormous negligence that the office of a political authority such as the vice president is left unprotected and a stone’s throw from the head of a march that expresses anger and frustration,” Grabois wrote in his note, in line with what the Vice President of the Nation had said.

On March 16, in a raid in San Isidro, Rodríguez was arrested, in a police procedure in which photos of Molotov cocktails, a compressed air rifle, 51 marijuana plants and products for their cultivation, chemical precursors, pamphlets were seized. of the Teresa Rodríguez Movement (MTR), a compressed air rifle, a knife, flash drives, cell phones and notebooks. Since that day, he has been detained in the Eighth Mayor’s Office of the Police of the City of Buenos Aires.

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