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Jowell and Randy prohibit women from wearing heels for their concerts at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico

The reggaeton duo Jowell and Randy today announced a ban on women attending their concerts this weekend in the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico.

The urban exponents spoke directly to their followers through social networks.

“Remember women: It is forbidden to enter tacos. It is not for a wedding that they are going”, they published this afternoon on their Instagram account. The photo they used is of the ban logo on high heels.

Although they did not clarify it in the publication if it is a joke or not, the reggaeton players’ warning is for the audience to be comfortable and they can dance all night.

Tomorrow, Friday, April 1, the duo begins its five performances at the Puerto Rico Coliseum to commemorate its 20-year career. The so-called duo “The loosest” intend to review all their successes and will also have several colleagues as guests.

The concert is performed under the production of Noah Assad Presents and Move Concerts.

The exponents want to celebrate their musical success with the Puerto Rican public and promise to offer the best show in their homeland, where a lot of energy, adrenaline and a great production are expected.

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