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Jossie Esteban, Ringo and La Patrulla 15 will take over the Coca-Cola Music Hall

The attraction of merengue led by Jossie Esteban, Ringo and Patrol 15 will present his concert “Remembering is Living” in Puerto Rico.

The merengue group will celebrate its 45 years of musical career on Saturday, November 4 at the Coca-Cola Music Hall in the T-Mobile District, in San Juan.

”Los Soberanos”, as they are known in the entertainment industry, will perform the show in gratitude to the Puerto Rican people who brought them to a place, elevating their songs “No smiles”, “El coco”, “Pirulo”, “Acaríciame” , “If you tell me”, “Without your love”, “Christmas has arrived”, “El Tiguerón”, “Pelú”, “Pegando el corazón”, “El can”, “I love you, I love you”, “Oho Aha ”, “You will live”, “A man is looking for a woman”, “I only know that it was in March”, “Perfidia”, “Blanca”, “The bartender”, “Affection is like a flower”, “What?” , “Aha”, “La negra”, “El moreno”, and many more.

With nearly 350 songs in its repertoire and over 100 of which have become hits over four and a half decades, La Patrulla 15 has left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Jossie Esteban and Ringo Martínez rose to fame with the infectious merengue “El cuchú cuchá”, which resonated in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Under the executive production of Gold Entertainment and Mildred Villanueva, the evening will be of the highest level, highlighting the musical quality and the rich history that La Patrulla 15 has forged in its vast career.

Businessman Orlando Rivera Ortega, from Oro Entertainment, highlighted the importance of these great merengue figures worldwide.

“This is one of the main groups that was known in Puerto Rico in the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s, which played in the most prestigious dance halls and at patron saint festivities… When Ringo and Jossie arrived on the Island they were welcomed with great affection, for which today they are more than grateful for their local fans. “Jossie Esteban, Ringo y La Patrulla 15 was one of the most attractive orchestras on stage and one of the most beloved that merengue has ever produced,” he stressed.

Alberto “Ringo” Martínez, co-owner, arranger and pianist, stated, for his part, about the anniversary concert that “it is a practically historic moment. “La Patrulla 15 has been the merengue group that has best represented Puerto Rico, despite the owners being Dominican. It was always promoted ‘from Puerto Rico… or the Puerto Rico orchestra’. In fact, more than half of the musicians were Puerto Rican. A concert here is giving back a little bit of history to the people, because they always supported our project,” Ringo said.

After inviting the new generation to the show, Ringo admitted, “This professional group has always had magic and appeal to the public”. As the main figure in his orchestra, Jossie Esteban has known how, for his part, to perfectly combine romanticism and humorous wit in his music. The songs “El can” to “Pelú” and “El brujo”, in addition to being considered successes in merengue, have not only elicited laughter, but have also touched deep emotional fibers, such as “Noche de drinks” and “Yo te I’m going to make you cry.”

Jossie Esteban maintained that “our greatest contribution to music has been having our own unique style by performing very romantic and very humorous songs from daily life that an audience made their favorites.”

In relation to the beginnings of La Patrulla 15, Jossie Esteban commented that “they are always difficult and even more so when you come to demonstrate your talent and musical project with so much enthusiasm… However, I would say that we were blessed by the Puerto Rican public and by the radio, press and TV that accepted us with a lot of love. “They made us one of their favorite groups!”

He admitted that his relationship with Puerto Rico is unbreakable. “They ask me if I am Puerto Rican; My heart will always be eternally grateful for my beloved Puerto Rico. Every time I perform at a show I have to mention the special love I feel for this country. Most of my children are Puerto Rican. My musical career as a singer and main leader of a group as beloved as La Patrulla 15 makes me feel blessed and ‘Domir Rican’. I am eternally grateful. “I love my Puerto Rico!” said the singer in written statements.

Jossie Esteban is counting the days until he takes the stage at the Coca-Cola Music Hall with Ringo Martínez and La Patrulla 15.

“There are many mixed emotions, because we are already working on the selection of songs that were hits, both in Puerto Rico and worldwide. We see that we did a good job and that the youth of today have us as a good musical reference for their dreams and new beginnings as artists and as groups… The most important thing is that our audience will make the best chorus that night, which will be heard in heaven. My motto is ‘To remember is to live’. And on the night of November 4th we will present everything we have experienced in those 45 years, in a single evening that will be magical and exciting with all the stories of our audience, the true protagonist of this great musical story that is Jossie Esteban & La Patrulla 15″, he added.

The show will also feature the surprise participation of other artists. Before their meeting with the Puerto Ricans, the concert by Jossie Esteban, Ringo and La Patrulla 15 will be presented on October 28 at the Salón Fiesta of the Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Tickets for “Remembering is Living” by Jossie Esteban, Ringo and La Patrulla 15 in Puerto Rico are available at Coca-Cola Music Hall and at Ticket holder.

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