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José Mayans promotes Cristina Kirchner’s candidacy in 2023: “It would be good if she competed”

When the ruling party internal seemed to have calmed down after the departure of the government of the former Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, a new controversy seems to emerge, this time with the horizon in the presidential elections of 2023. José Mayans, president of the ruling bloc in the Senate, was consulted about a possible candidacy of Cristina Kirchner and launched: “It would be good if he competed, he is an experienced person“.

First zigzagging, Mayans referred to Alberto Fernández, his chances for next year’s elections and a possible re-election: “Alberto is doing a highly complex job, obviously it has its drawbacks because there is no easy situation“.

But immediately he stopped talking about the President and started talking about the Vice President: “Cristina, who is a person with whom I have the pleasure of working, who governed the country and has full knowledge, because you have to be very trained with her in Regarding the vision he has of the economy, of social and economic problems, of the debt situation, he is a person with very important experience”.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and José Mayans in the Senate. Photo Federico Lopez Claro

And followed: “She also demands better behavior regarding the village issue, they voted us to fix the problems. We have this disagreement.”

Directly consulted about other leaders who support a presidential candidacy of Cristina Kirchner in 2023, he did not hesitate: “It would be good for a person who has a lot of experience to compete. What is the problem in defining who is the one with the greatest popular acceptance or support? It is part of democracy,” he said in dialogue with the program The Chronicle Foretold of Futurock FM.

“There are many who speak on behalf of the people but they don’t have even three votes. The Constitution says: ‘they commit a crime of sedition,’ because they attribute to themselves a representation that they don’t have. One has the representation that one has. In our case, in the provinces that vote for us or don’t vote for us,” he added without referring to who he was speaking to.

Cristina Kirchner and José Mayans, in the Senate

Cristina Kirchner and José Mayans, in the Senate

The single ballot in the Senate and the Supreme Court

The president of the block of senators of the Front of All also spoke about the draft single ballot that had half a sanction in the Chamber of Deputies due to the votes of the opposition and now would be boxed in the Senate. Mayans assured that he “does not believe that it will be approved” and remarked: “The electoral system is already transparent, no single ballot is needed.”

“At the time, electronic voting and a single ballot came together, and both failed,” he said. Later, he clarified: “It is a vision that is opposed by transparency and institutional quality.”

“Macri sends everyone to sleep saying ‘tomorrow they will have the results’, that is a lack of institutional quality,” he recalled about the results of PASO 2019.

On the other hand, Mayans referred to the Supreme Court and the Judicial Council: “Argentina has a serious institutional problem because we have a Court that legislates. The Court’s response was to repeal a law that was 16 years old, which had enabled the 70% of current judges. They say it can remain unconstitutional for 120 days and then we had to change it.”

“Rosenkrantz puts into effect a law that makes him president of the Council of the Judiciary and practically becomes a pharaoh of the Argentine Republic. We have a Court that legislates, that makes political decisions, to put Milagro Sala in jail, they took the privileges out of the legislators of Parlasur. They act defending interests that have nothing to do with the interests of the people,” concluded Mayans.


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