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José Alfredo tells his story of self-love in a new musical theme

The Puerto Rican singer Jose Alfredo, began in 2022 premiering his new single “Imperfecto”, a theme that he describes as an ode to self-love.

Who is characterized by the nostalgia that he evokes in his lyrics, expressed through a press release that with this song he “undressed” his soul because it tells his own story. He also added that “Imperfecto” is a song loaded with great force, which makes it inevitable to remember how many times “we have failed ourselves”.

This single was produced by Adrik and composed by José Alfredo together with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriters, Marileyda Hernandez Y Valeria cid, great friends of the interpreter of “Semaphore”.

“Imperfect, it was born from the intention of honoring that version of me that I allowed others to overshadow. I joined forces with my dear friends Marileyda and Valeria, who helped me channel my feelings, because when it comes to talking about something as personal as self-love, it was hard for me to tell my story, “said the singer-songwriter.

In 2022 José Alefredo shows no signs of slowing down and announced that this promotional cut will be part of his fifth album, which he hopes will see the light of day in the middle of this year. The musical theme “Imperfecto” will feature a music video which will be released on January 18 along with a massive campaign, which works hand in hand with the Anda Foundation.

“I believe that I belong to many minorities, which makes it important for me to give a voice to those who need it, that is exactly what I aspire to achieve with this promotional cut. ‘Imperfect’, is my way of celebrating all those parts of us that make us feel insecure, it is a theme that invites you to silence the voice of others and listen to the inner one ”, he stressed.

“Imperfecto” is now available on all streaming platforms.


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