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Jorge Pabón “El Molusco” urges Angelique Burgos “Burbu” to “turn the page”

In the middle of the push and pull that involves the announcers and, at some point, colleagues Angelique Burgos “Burbu”, Pamela Noah and Jorge Pabón “El Molusco”the latter urged “turn the page” of the controversy that transcended “labor” and that has surrounded them for six years.

“She is the one who has to turn the page (in reference to Burgos), I turned the page a long time ago. I stopped talking about this case many years ago. years, I continued my life, I continued my career and my career has continued, with her or without her, and hers too (Burgos’ career has also continued),” the announcer commented this Tuesday before the microphone in the program. from the station Mega 106.9, “Molusco and the Kings of Punta”.

In the middle of the radio segment, “El Molusco” repudiated the derogatory comments made by the panelists invited to the program. “Burbu”, “The most bitches” which is transmitted by YouTube channel, Burbu TV, about his partner and friend, Pamela Noa. However, the host of the program “Today” of Telemundodid not want to elaborate much more on the subject.

“No one will ever know the true story, because people don’t care and it would lengthen the media circus.”“El Molusco” added.

The controversy

In 2017, Noa replaced “Burbu” during her leave due to the birth and maternity of her second child, Kokoh Ayuso Burgos, in the old program “El Goldo and the Pelúa” from La Mega, whose hosts were Pabón and Burgos. However, in December of that same year, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) fired “Burbu” and Noa stayed in the space with “El Molusco” now. Ali Warrington.

With the departure of “Burbu”, the years-long friendship of these announcers ended abruptly and the program continued under the name “Molusco and the Kings of Punta” which is broadcast from Monday to Friday on La Mega.

“I’m tired of receiving shots, I’ve been receiving shots for years. In that live They also talked about what happened when she (“Burbu”) came off the radio and I sat in her chair. They don’t mention a name, but who she spent the most time with,” Noa expressed last night through a video published on her social media channel. Youtube.

According to Pabón about what happened “I think there is nothing more to say, six years later, it makes no sense. We are still open to having a conversation. We left him there, we are going to bury him,” the announcer concluded.

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