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Jorge Capitanich, in the midst of the ruling party: “We are not faint-hearted”

The governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, spoke of the internal of the Front of All, vindicated the debate between the leaders and highlighted the leadership of President Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who have not spoken for months.

We are not fainthearted, we are not an expression of weakness. We are the expression of strength of a people who want to live better, “he said in dialogue with radio Diez.

In this sense, he maintained that the discussion that takes place among the leaders, expressed by the different voices to combat inflation and also to “build a bridge to 2023,” is good.

The governor’s statements come after the visit of the Chaco head of state to participate in the implementation of the institutionalization of a similar instance in the province.

During Saturday’s meeting, the president recognized the “differences” in the government coalition but assured that the enemy is not inside, but that “the enemy is the damn right.”

Alberto Fernández together with Governor Capitanich.

Capitanich also argued that it is important for the FdT to become a space for “unity in diversity”but with a coexistence that contributes to the debate.

“It is good that our front expresses intensity in the debate, it is very good that we say things clearly with respect to what we think and accept the challenge that without uniting, the adversary advances,” he said.

Along these lines, he stressed that the ruling party is the “only” political movement that can currently guarantee the rights of Argentines and that the “institutionalization” of the front will prevent escapes.

“We are a movement that expresses diversity, passion for the defense of ideas, an approach to sovereignty, defense of democracy, active claim of rights,” he said.

The Chaco governor does not hide his desire to be a candidate in 2023 and participated together with the head of state in a party event where the vice president was not invited to the act. The former president is in the south and will return to Buenos Aires over the weekend.

Capitanich also referred to the fight between the President and the vice president and maintained that the objective of the ruling party is “not to disperse”, in addition to taking advantage of the opportunities to produce more in the framework of the world’s demands for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

At the same time, he detailed the objectives for which they have to work: produce more, improve distribution and combat inflation. “Let us all unite to achieve these three clear objectives”sentenced the Chaco governor.

The president spoke of the “agenda” of the governors and remarked that they are “clearly united” to defend the resources of the provinces.

Capitanich’s statements come after the claim he made along with 15 other of his peers, who got into the lawsuit that the Casa Rosada and the city of Buenos Aires maintain in Court for the cut in the co-participation that the President resolved in amid the pandemic, in 2020, in favor of the province of Buenos Aires and to the detriment of the administration headed by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Days ago, the same governors announced a project to reform the Supreme Court of Justice whose main goal is that it be “more modern, efficient” and that it “mainly have a federal character.”

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