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Joao Félix’s message to Atlético and Cholo Simeone

Joao Felix has found its perfect habitat in the F.c. Barcelona. The Portuguese is uncovering the jar of essences in his first games with the Barça team. Xavi has been able to find his place, with freedom of movement behind Lewandowski, and Joao is responding. The quality was always there, but Félix lacked confidence, commitment and consistency.

His current coach is giving him confidence, something that did not happen at Atlético, he is showing his commitment by putting his heart into the pressure, now it remains to be seen if he will be able to maintain consistency and this level against defenses and top teams. Another key to the change is Barça’s style. Xavi’s team’s type of play suits him like a glove. With Simeone, playing 50 meters from goal, it was more difficult for his talent to shine.

The Portuguese’s start to life at Barcelona has been brilliant. Leaving sparkles in LaLiga, also shining in the Champions League. Three goals in two games. The Portuguese was clear, after the match against Antwerp, that the difficult thing now is to continue at that pace. “The most difficult thing now is to maintain the level”He said.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Joao Félix talks about his arrival to the Barcelona. The Portuguese assures that he wanted to play for the Barça team and that he has made an effort to be there. “I gave up a significant amount of money from my salary. But I needed to change, I needed to go to a place where I could practice my football.”

About what he says Xavi what he has to do on the field of play, he says: “Of course he asks me for tactical questions but above all that I enjoy it, that I have fun.”

Finally, he sends a warning to sailors with a message included to Cholo Simeone: “Whoever is bad has to change places. I have done it before for Chelsea and I have done it now for Barcelona because I wasn’t doing well there, I didn’t adapt to the ideas of the club and the coach. But I always tried to do the best I could.”

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