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Jennifer Lopez introduced Emme with neutral pronouns during a show in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez surprised attendees at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles last Thursday, June 16, not only for singing Emme on stage, but by presenting it using neutral pronouns.

According to several news media, Emme Muñiz, 14 years old and daughter of the also singer Mark Anthonyjoined her mother to perform a duet “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala.

“I ask her to sing with me all the time, but she doesn’t. So this is a very special occasion.”the singer and actress with Puerto Rican roots commented to the audience, and then joked that it was very expensive when her daughter accompanied her on stage.

The talented youngster appeared on stage dressed in a hot pink shirt and shorts ensemble, while her mother sported a mint-colored outfit with feather embellishments. Emme also carried a microphone with the colors of the rainbow.

Mother and daughter also sang a verse of “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteenwhich was accompanied by a video of the teenager’s performance at the superbowl 2020. Immediately afterwards, Emme also made a bridge to begin the performance of the hit “Let’s Get Loud”.

wedding rumors

Last week there was also a rumor that López had married the actor Ben Affleckwith whom he resumed a love relationship a few months ago.

On the other hand, this week also premiered in Netflix the documentary “Halftime”, whose main objective is to give a new context to López’s professional career. The production features how the singer, actress and dancer prepares for her Super Bowl halftime show on February 20, 2020 alongside Shakira, In addition, it traces how the success he has had has not eliminated a series of obstacles and insecurities about his value as an artist.

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