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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sign a prenuptial agreement with a sexual clause?

At the moment Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are one of Hollywood’s favorite couples; Apparently, since they decided to resume their relationship 20 years later, everything is going ‘swift’. A few days ago, the actress announced that they had decided to take the next step in their relationship and get engaged, and now it is known that signed a prenuptial agreement composed of several clauses.

What does Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s prenuptial agreement say?

Although the details of the same have not yet been made public, especially speaking of the economic aspect, there is a clause in particular that has drawn the attention of both locals and others, since it is related to the couple’s sex life.

According to the newspaper ABCone of the conditions that both parties have signed is that of have sex at least four times a week to avoid that ‘the passion ends’ or that some infidelity arises from both parties.

Why infidelity? Earlier it was known that Affleck was unfaithful to his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner; Perhaps this is one of the reasons that has led the singer of Get Right to make this decision.

Upon learning of this, social networks have not hesitated to comment on it and even generate debate, because while some consider that this is not something that should be stipulated or consider that it would not be correct if the situation were the other way around (Ben gave signing that agreement to Jennifer), others took it with humor and made joking comments about this situation.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement

It was through her Twitter account that the singer of If you had my love He gave the first clue by placing the emoji of a ring next to his name next to a video with a message: “I have a very exciting and special story to share”, he expressed when inviting his followers to his official site ‘On the JLo‘, where he shares personal news through the newsletter.

A huge green diamond took center stage in the 13-second clip as Jennifer Lopez looks at it in tears, but doesn’t say anything. A close source confirmed to the magazine People the truth about the next marriage bond, in addition to her sister Lynda, who shared the image of JLo with the jewel through her stories: “then this happened,” she wrote.

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