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Jenni Hermoso destroys Rubiales: she felt “the victim of an attack” and there was “no consent”

After some first statements in the joint text that dozens of national team players have already signed Spanish soccer player and after six days in the eye of the hurricane, Jenny Hermoso has issued a statement on the social network X with a dozen paragraphs in which she explains her point of view on everything that happened.

The player strongly denies to the still president of the RFEF: “The words of Mr. Luis Rubiales explaining the unfortunate incident they are categorically false and part of the manipulative culture that (sic) himself has generated”, he says, to insist immediately that “at no time did the conversation to which Mr. Luis Rubiales referred take place and that, far from it, his kiss was consented“. In addition, he insists that he did not like it: “I want to reiterate as I already did at the time that this fact had not been to my liking.”

The player also explains that “the situation caused me a shock due to the context of celebration” and that it was later and “with the passage of time and after delving a little deeper into those first feelings” when has felt “the need to denounce this fact since I consider that no person, in any work, sports or social field should be a victim of this type of behavior”.

Behavior that made her feel “vulnerable and victim of an assaultan impulsive, macho, out of place act and without any kind of consent on my part”.

The pressures of the RFEF

Hermoso explains in his text some details that until now had only been leaked, such as that he was asked to “rmake a joint statement to reduce the pressure on the president” and why for the moment she had refused to speak “At that time in my head I only had the idea of ​​enjoying the historic milestone reached together with my teammates, so “at all times I told the RFEF and its different interlocutors, as well as the media and people I trust that they would not make any type of individual or joint statement on this matter, since I understood that, if they did, it would take away even more prominence from such a special moment for my companions and for me”

However, it also claims that has been “under continual pressure” to make some type of statement that would justify Rubiales, a pressure that “in different ways and through different people”, the RFEF has transferred “to my environment (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) to give a testimony that little or nothing had to do with my feelings”.

A problem that comes from afar

The player assures in her text that “as World Champion National Team we do not deserve such a culture manipulative, hostile and controlling” and points out that “this type of incident –in the plural– joins a long list of situations that we players have been denouncing.” So what has happened to her “it’s just the straw that breaks the camel’s back”.

From that point on, the player claims “zero tolerance for these behaviors” and announces that, like all her teammates, she will not return to the national team “as long as the current leaders continue”.

Finally, he thanks all the support received and assures that he leaves “in the people I trust TMJ –his representation agency– and FUTPRO –his union– this issue and they will continue working on the next steps based on recent events” .

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