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Jay Wheeler surprises his fans as executive producer of “Simulation”

“Simulation” is the new song by Dynamic Records that combines the novelty of Jay Wheeler as executive producer and the freshness and talent of the young urban artist, Alejo. It will be the second single that will be available through digital platforms and that will be part of the new album that will be released soon.

The song, composed by Jay Wheeler and Alejo, is a fresh combination of Wheeler’s characteristic romantic style and Alejo’s rhythm, which tells the story of disappointment and the effect of discovering that someone special did not turn out as expected.

Jay Wheeler and Alejo’s contagious collaboration on “Simulation” with tell me sir Y yeziell yeziell It will join the first song “La que me mourn”, presented two weeks ago, where “La Voz Favorita”, surprised again with a song in its acoustic-urban style.

“I am super happy to share this song with Alejo, Dímelo Siru and Yeziell Yeziell, a song that will be part of the new Dynamic Records album. Alejo is a great artist and it was a privilege to make music with him.” Jay Wheeler shared.

In this meeting, we will also be able to listen to the peculiarity and experience of the producers dirty, botlok Y fantakuka.

In addition, the music video was already filmed at Dolphin Studios in Orlando, Florida and led by Webster Torres Millan. It is a fresh concept that presents the artists in different scenarios recounting the foolish surprise that caused them to learn the true identity of their lover.

“Collaborating with Jay on ‘Simulation’ was a unique experience that I hope to repeat soon. He is an artist that I admire and this topic is very special to me”, said the young artist, Alejo, who has managed to position himself as a promise of the urban genre after the success of his release of the song “Pantysito” with pheid Y robi.

“We continue to work hard to present you soon a super special album with great voices and executive producer Jay Wheeler. It will be a great project for the record label and we are very excited and eager for the date to come to share it”, said Dímelo Siru, president and founder of Dynamic Records.

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