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Javier Tebas: “Al Khelaïfi, stop cheating because you only fuck up football”

Xavier Thebes, president of LaLiga, gave an extensive overview of football news at the Breakfasts of Europe Press. In said act he spoke about the complaint against PSG before UEFA and other institutions for the Financial Fair Play, Real Madrid’s recent wing in the Champions League and his relationship with Florentino Pérez.

Tebas congratulates Madrid for its great economic management and the Champions League title: “If we reflect, this may be one of the most complicated that has had to be achieved. It had been two and a half years since the pandemic and Real Madrid has done a great job. It has been the only club in Europe without losses He is the only one without losses. It denotes the economic management effort to also be European and League champion. It is not only a question of money. Congratulations to Real Madrid in this aspect, in others I do not agree. Real Madrid’s victories also are the victories of Spain. What has been for history has been a club of integrity. As a club it continues to represent it, there are other more personal issues that we do not agree on. I have not sent a message to Florentino, I put a tweet for everything Madridismo”.

Stick to Florentino Pérez for the Super League: “When I talk about Florentino’s arm wrestling, I mean that he always keeps fighting. Even if he’s knocked out, he sells that he’s still winning. The extremely cautious in court seemed like the Champions League final”.

He makes his position on the Super League clear: “The concept of the Super League is not a model of competition but of organization of football so that 16 clubs rule over all. That is the danger of the Super League. It is what was intended, to have all the power. Florentino said that they were going to sell the rights and they would give something to others. It will always be in their heads. Many clubs don’t realize that the world of football is not about the big clubs, but about the big ones and small ones. You have to try to combine”.

He confirms that he is going with everything for PSG after renewing Mbappé: “I am not going to respond to the president of the French league. Another previous president already sent it to me. We are not going to allow a European club to break the ecosystem of European football. It is not posturing. They are objective economic data. It will go to 600 million of salary mass with losses of 300 million. With that he renews Mbappé. It is impossible if there is no deception in sponsorships or capital contributions higher than what UEFA allows. We have already hired French lawyers to denounce in court there. We are going to go to Switzerland. It is a situation that seems incredible to us. This man can do whatever he wants because UEFA has a lot of financial dependence on him? I warn you that this is what you have to do to defend European football, whatever they say. tell me. You already know how I am. Hey Nasser stop cheating, you only screw football. It is as dangerous as the Super League project. We have a quasi-state club and we have controlled it, which is Almería. We have had various explanations of how the economic system works.”

Salaries: “There is an ethical problem. There is a level of fortunes…”.

New LaLiga campaign: “In Spain sometimes we are short-sighted and catastrophic. And it is a reminder that in the 21st century we have 33 European titles and France 0”.

Dart to Ligue 1: “We want it to be a sustainable competition and not a ruined one like there are some like now.”

Tebas’ favorite to win the Ballon d’Or: “I would give it to Benzema and Courtois. But if I have to choose one, it is Benzema. He has been at a great level for several seasons”.

The Courtois Plaque was torn off: “His time at Atlético was historic. I don’t know what Courtois deserves.”

On the shameful acts seen before and after the Champions League final in Paris: “Any decision was very risky. As an event it’s very complicated. I wouldn’t blame UEFA so much. The problem was more outside.”

What does the Impulse Plan consist of?: “It helps us advance investments in the clubs that would take 20 years. We have to anticipate infrastructure and internationalization projects. It was born to anticipate twenty years of investment that would come very slowly. 38 LaLiga clubs support the plan. Only three have opposed it. In France they approved a special law so that the French league could carry out a similar project. It was supported by the Government without as much controversy as here in Spain. Audiovisual rights do not always grow. It is not so easy. 123 million are reserved for the First RFEF clubs that can be promoted from the category. The important thing about the operation is that it is mandatory to allocate 70% to infrastructure. If the money went to players, the market would have inflated and we would have created a huge bubble in football. Many Decisions that can be made from our organization or from Europe can do a lot of damage to football. If you have tried to boycott. On August 15 we meet We entered with a note from Real Madrid that wanted to take CVC and me to jail. They wanted this CVC money out of this operation and this fund went ahead despite all the threats. Justice has dismissed the precautionary measures and the project continues. A third payment will be distributed to the clubs in June.”

Optimize money: “It’s not just money, it’s a joint effort by all of LaLiga. The aim is to optimize it so that the clubs and the competition grow. 375 executives from all the clubs attended, less than one team. We have created a talent office to select staff. Meetings have been held with almost 900 different people from the clubs.

Main infrastructure projects: “In Andalusia there are 416 million euros. Sevilla is going to remodel the Sánchez Pizjuán and the sports city. We are going to have absolutely modern fields to compete for the 2030 World Cup. It will be with money from the clubs and we will not need public money. That money it has to be used for other issues. Almería is going to remodel its stadium, Málaga too… We are seeing that everyone is doing reforms in their stadiums. Atlético is going to make its sports city and improve internationalization. Vallecas is a field Much needed reforms and we are finally going to see them. Teams like Alcorcón and Fuenlabrada still have money to improve. The New Mestalla has been standing for nine years, they will be able to finish it now”.

Future: “The Impulse Plan is a reality. At the end of the season there will be more than 800 million euros already in the clubs. 70% goes to infrastructure and internationalization. We are going to continue to be very competitive in Europe”.

On Almeida’s controversial words: “The Mayor knows that the economic engine of the clubs is the weekend competition. Without LaLiga, our turnover would be infinitely lower. These competitions must be defended because they are always questioned. There is talk of not playing on weekends week, play more during the week… If the money always goes to the same people and those below receive less, it makes the competition suffer”.

Would you go out to dinner with Al Khelaïfi, Florentino or Rubiales? “I would go to a dinner with Al Khelaïfi, it is a short-term battle. Florentino and Rubiales are longer-term.”

Can Barcelona sign Lewandowski?: “Barcelona knows what it has to do. It knows economic control perfectly. I don’t know who it will sell to… It has to enter more and sell assets. It has had many accumulated losses. There are some that could have been avoided, such as amortizations. Madrid has a full pantry and Barcelona has it empty. Today they cannot sign Lewandowski.”

On the departure of Valencia president Anil Murthy: “It’s neither positive nor negative. The situation was unsustainable for him. We’ll have to see their ability to solve the issue of the stadium, from LaLiga we’re trying to mediate.”

Are the teams in our League in good economic health?: “Health in general is good. There are some thermometers that indicate your health. We don’t owe Social Security or the players… The market is going to come back. This year it’s not going to be the same, the next maybe. The money is not going to move so fast. As bad as it is to lose money, we have been the ones who have lost the least and who had the most pantry.”

Pandemic Bill: “We will be over 1,200 million euros.”

About Rubiales’ new salary: “I am going to take advantage of the Federation’s question. The least important thing about the Assembly is his salary. That is only the morbid thing. You have to reflect on what happened. Yesterday in Madrid there were two assembly, there was also the AFE and the The president of FIFA only went to one. Ceferín and Infantino were at the inauguration. Yesterday there was only his brother Alejandro Blanco, who is in all of them, don’t miss one. Yesterday’s explanations reminded me of Cuéntame. It seemed like the past. They have to explain things well. They recognize six million losses from lawsuits with Mediapro that are the whims of Rubiales and Cueto to exclude them from the VAR and Copa del Rey contests. They have also lost several lawsuits on Mondays and Fridays. They will have to pay several million for damages and prejudice. We no longer know anything about Marisa, about Juan Rubiales… Those who have gone through women’s football. Where is everyone? LaLiga is asking for explanations of the millions of the epic Villar and we they said to go look ar there the papers. The assessment of transparency that they say is for posting the accounts on the web. Is it pristine management of Saudi Arabia? Hey, because I can’t pay Kosmos, Arabia pays him the commission. That is not pristine management. I have spoken with Juan Rubiales four or five days ago. And I told him that you will have to go where you have to go to tell what you have told me. Now it seems that the culprit is Juan Rubiales. Why was a minister or secretary of state recorded? How is he going to go now to meet with another minister? Can I text you or do you record it too? Either this gets serious or I don’t know what can happen. All the red lines have been broken. I don’t know if they hacked him or it was the guy, according to what is said. Nobody likes to be hacked. We really need pristine management, it is not. It is impeccable management to tell Juan Rubiales to go home and be paid for six months without working. They have a gulag, which is the Federation museum. Recently Rubiales has sent a high official of the Federation home because he does not want to see him. The easiest thing for me is to shut up. The 3,000 euros for housing is what I like the most, earning 600,000 euros”.

Are you behind the leaks of the Rubiales audios?: “According to him, I’m behind everything. He has an obsession with reaching the English federation and he has an obsession with LaLiga. I have to say what I really think about things. Now it seems that Juan Rubiales is behind it. I’m not behind this. You have to give and public explanations, not what you have done. That you have said that you went to New York for some intense days of work. You did NOT give explanations of how intense they were, you did not say who you were with. I know by chance with someone who was. Juan Rubiales is a victim of what is happening. He has made himself available to the Prosecutor’s Office. There are times when being in a good position is difficult to denounce.”

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