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Javier Milei, on the cuts in the State: “My Minister of Economy likes the chainsaw as much as I do”

Javier Milei, deputy for Avanza Libertad, affirmed that he is working in a cabinet ‘hyper orthodox’ for 2023 and affirmed, without a doubt, that it will arrive at the Casa Rosada next year. “I am going to be president of the Nation.”

In an interview with Guillermo Panizza, on CNN Radio, the liberal economist reaffirmed that he could have points of dialogue in common with Mauricio Macri or Patricia Bullrich, and drew a dividing line with what he called ‘collectivists’, such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta or María Eugenia Vidal, whom he considers “closer to Kirchnerism”.

“If the hawks of Together for Change wanted to go for a true liberal option, we welcome them with open arms. We would even be willing to do an internship and accompany if we were not the winners. The common enemy is Kirchnerism. The issue is what construction can defeat them at the polls but then sustain it in management “, she affirmed.

In that sense, he rescued Macri. “I have nothing to offer Macri. I leave the space open, if they want to come I receive them. But I do not receive collectivists, it seems to me that it is contaminating. In my view the state is the enemyhe added, at the same time that he closed paths to the UCR and the CC.

Javier Milei at the theater bar in La Plata (Photo Z. Nievas)

Asked about his assembly for next year’s elections, Milei reaffirmed that he is working in a cabinet. She even revealed that Karina, sister and political organizer of the economist, was debating with a possible Minister of Social Action, although he avoided giving names.

“It’s a beautiful picture. I can assure you that the Minister of the Economy in my cabinet is hyper-orthodox. He likes the chainsaw as much as I do,” he said of his plans to cut government benefits.

The controversy over the tickets

Milei, who has a strong message against the expenses of what he calls ‘The political caste’, was involved this last week in a controversy after using the tickets granted by Congress to Make personal trips to party events.

In that sense, the legislator argued that he used those tickets since he “didn’t get” flights and that he will refund that money when he draws his salary.

“Today in Argentina there are much fewer flights. I couldn’t get tickets. And I used the ones I had assigned as Deputy and they were about to expire, because that later goes to General Revenue. That was changed after the Carrió scandal, today they give you a concept that is mobility and if you don’t use it, you go back to caste. Faced with the impossibility of traveling, I used those tickets, and now when I have the final settlement, the mobility money will enter the next diet draw, “he justified.

He also took some time to respond to President Alberto Fernández, who on Saturday had spoken of “the damned right” at an act in Chubut. “It’s a definition that belongs to him,” he said.

Sergio Massa was another of those targeted, after the man from Tigre branded him ‘delusional’ for his project to liberalize access to weapons.

“I loved what Massa said. Now we have to be careful that there is not a mass suicide of Mabeles and Raúles, and of Larreta’s campaign managers who keep saying that I work for Massa,” he said.

Regarding the carrying of weapons, Milei argued that “in states where there is free carrying of weapons, there is less crime than in those where people are unarmed”, although did not provide specific data.

“Criminals are always armed. With the ban, honest people are also prohibited from defending themselves against criminals. To believe that the problem of insecurity is only tied to that is a fallacy,” he said.


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