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Javier Milei launches his second NFT to celebrate his election as a deputy

The national deputy elected by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Javier Milei launched a second collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). After the sale of the first one – a video of him setting the Central Bank on fire for 12 thousand dollars – this new one starts in $ 4,300, approximately.

According to a post on Instagram, it is the first piece in the “The New Era” collection. It entered the auction on Monday, November 15, the day after the national legislative elections in which the candidate obtained 17% of the votes (310,036 votes) and won two seats in the Chamber of Deputies, a body that he himself considers the “Political caste”.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic token that represents a single asset. They can be digital natives or digitized versions of real world assets, that have an important real or symbolic value.

They are emerging from computer programs and therefore have similar functionalities to cryptocurrencies, although there is a difference between the two: NFTs need to be integrated into a blockchain, the open source blockchain. and public access that are presented as one of the safe ways to invest and make digital trade exchanges.

The NFT’s issuing platform is Ethereum’s non-fungible token market, Opensea. In the auction of the token, it is indicated that the minimum offer is 1 ETH, something like US $ 4,355 or $ 909,989 Argentines, according to CoinMarketCap.

For now the token does not have offers, four days after the auction ends (next November 20, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.).

The “asset” that sells is a 10-second video in which Milei is seen from behind with her fans and an Argentine flag hung on her shoulders, with the date “November 14, 2021”, which corresponds to last Sunday when the candidate became a national legislator along with the second on her list, Victoria Villarruel.

The NFT setting the Central Bank on fire

The NFT that it sold on September 15 is called “Libertarian revolution” and consists of an animation of a banknote 1,000 pesos with an image of the Central Bank In the reverse. Milei is shown in flames making the official entity explode.

The animated sequence continues with the monetary authority burning until it explodes into hundreds of rubble to give way to the screaming candidate’s face. “Long live freedom, damn it” to form a new 1 peso bill with his figure.

It sold it for about $ 12,000 at that time (3.8 EHT).

What does Milei think about cryptocurrencies

Milei is in favor of decentralizing monetary entities.

One of the libertarian politician’s campaign slogans has long been the abolition of the Central Bank and his criticisms of centralized monetary entities.

“The concept of Bitcoin is impeccable, but politicians like the monopoly of monetary issuance. Argentina is fertile ground for bitcoin …because the weight, basically, is not worth excrement. It is the currency that the Argentine politician issues. These garbage are not even suitable for compost, “he declared.



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