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Javier Milei did not rule out competing in an internship with Patricia Bullrich: “It should be outside of Together for Change”

The libertarian deputy said that he would be willing to receive the “hard wing” of the opposition in his space. In addition, he left an unexpected compliment on Cristina Kirchner.

javier mileinational deputy of Libertad Avanza for the City of Buenos Aires, assured that he would be willing to go to an intern with Patricia Bullrich ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, but clarified that “it should be outside of Together for Change“. In parallel, he suggested that, if he lost that hypothetical dispute, he would not dislike being Minister of Economy of the current PRO president, although with some conditions.

As so many other times, the libertarian economist divided the opposition leaders into “hawks“like Mauricio Macri and Bullrich, and”pigeons“, like María Eugenia Vidal and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. With the former, he explained that he gets along “well” and that he could even work, while he defined the latter as “lukewarm, bitter, inoperative and impoverishing“.

The soft wing of Together for Change is a problem, because it recites ideas that have condemned us to failure, with the fatal arrogance of believing that they are smarter and can do it well. They are like ‘reloaded kirchneristas’. Because the Kirchnerists are at least brutish, but they are going to do damage efficiently, which is why it is more problematic,” he shot in dialogue with TN.

And he completed: “Therefore, I am not willing to be part of a new failure that brings the Kirchnerists back, I want to get them out. I do not want to make Máximo Kirchner president in 2027. I don’t want to be a part of that failure.”

Javier Milei said that he would be willing to receive the “hard wing” of Together for Change in his space.

On the other hand, he stressed that he is “willing to receive” in his space “the hard wing of Together for Change.” “If they want an intern, we give it to them, and if they win, we accompany. Here the decision of the people counts,” she said.

While, They asked him if he would be Bullrich’s Minister of Economy, in the hypothetical scenario that she won the internship. “Yes, but within a structure, outside of Together for Change, without the radicals, without the Civic Coalition and without the bitter, ineffective and impoverishing lukewarm popcorn.”

Although a priori it seems unlikely that this situation will occur, Milei does not rule out any scenario. Without going any further, she revealed that He spoke privately about this issue with Macri and Bullrich.

Javier Milei harshly criticized "the pigeons" Together for Change.

Javier Milei harshly criticized “the doves” of Together for Change.

Once again, he made it clear that, despite his affinity with certain JxC referents, he could not be part of the same project with the “soft wing” of the opposition: “The failures, those who sank the country, those who trade , those who negotiate and are partners of the K, who approve budgets that imply 30 billion dollars more in taxes, the accomplices who voted for him and let him pass the agreement with the International Monetary Fund… Not with those” .

Milei on Cristina Kirchner: a surprising praise and her usual criticism

Throughout the interview, Milei agreed with his latest statements: his rejection of JxC’s “doves”, his sympathy with the hard wing of the opposition and his contempt for Kirchnerism. However, the deputy surprised with a unexpected praise when consulted about Cristina Kirchnerwhom he criticized so many times with thick ammunition.

Specifically, Milei praised the figure of the vice president to hit Máximo Kirchner, president of the Buenos Aires PJ and leader of the Cámpora: “At least the mother has a resume to do the aberrations she does and has the votes. The boy does not even have the votes or the mother’s curriculum, that is the reality.

Immediately afterwards, she clarified that she does not “like CFK’s ideas”, but recognized the value of having been “twice president and going through all the positions”.

Shortly after, he ended his concise praise and returned to his usual criticism: “She came out to criticize me and she has been ruining the country for more than 30 years. Cristina is like Attila, who destroyed the floor wherever she stepped. The same, the places they played ruined them.”


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