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Jaume Masiá, Moto3 champion: “Whether you like it or not, a Spaniard has won”

The Spanish pilot Jaume Masia (Honda) has proclaimed Moto3 world champion after winning this Sunday in the small class race of the Qatar Grand Prix, the nineteenth and penultimate round of the Motorcycle World Championship, and his rival for the title, the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna), came sixth.

With a display of claw and with his companion Adrián Fernández as a faithful squirethe one from Algemesí did his part and fought to win in Lusail, which makes him the eighth Spanish champion in Moto3 history and the twenty-fifth Spanish rider to win a title in the motorcycle world championship.

With night falling in Losail, Masiá reviewed his accounts: he would be champion if he won the race and Sasaki was fourth or worse; if he were second and his rival, at most eighth; third and twelfth; or fourth and fifteenth. A lot of work lies ahead, since the Valencian started tenth and his opponent for the title was fourth.

The Spanish started aggressive as soon as the traffic lights turn off and moved up to fourth place with just three laps completed. Only one lap later he caught up with the Japanese, who had taken the lead, and a contact between the two in a corner weighed them down several positions. For the first time he was ahead of his rival. He then began fierce fight between the two contenders for the championship, with an exchange of overtakes in the middle of a large group of drivers who did not give up victory on the Qatari track. Dani Holgado (KTM) rose to the lead, and behind him Masià complained about the Japanese overtaking, raising his hand in protest.

With four laps to go before the checkered flag, the man from Algemesí took the lead of the race, and just one lap later, for the first time, the scores were clear: Masiá first and Sasaki fourth. Masiá’s teammate in Leopard Racing, Adrián Fernández, reached the Japanese, who surpassed him to lend a hand to his compatriot. The action disrupted the second overall, who fell to eighth place, although he reacted by recovering two places before saying goodbye to his options due to a small touch, when he was coming back, which took him out of the leading group. Masiá, for his part, He resisted Holgado’s harassment and saw the checkered flag first.

Jaume Masiá did not bite his tongue at the DAZN microphones after proclaiming himself world champion and throwing a series of darts at Sasaki who, as he said, “also continued to be dirty.” “Whether they like it or not, a Spaniard has won,” said the new Moto3 champion.

With this he joins the Murcian Pedro Acosta (Kalex), Moto2 world champion, as the Spanish winner in the 2023 World Championship. The Colombian David Alonso (GasGas) and the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM) completed the podium this Sunday in Qatar.

Furthermore, Vicente Pérez (KTM), substitute for Ana Carrasco, achieved the best result of his life by being fifth, just ahead of Sasaki. Holgado was finally ninth; David Muñoz (KTM) finished twelfth; Iván Ortolá (KTM) finished fifteenth, ahead of José Antonio Rueda (KTM) and Adrián Fernández; Xavi Artigas (CFMoto) finished twentieth; and David Salvador (KTM), twenty-third.

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