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Japan destroys Spain and shows it its true reality

Spain suffered this Monday a hard setback to fall thrashed (4-0) by Japan, his toughest rival so far. With discipline, efficiency and Hinata MiyazawaJapan took up arms to triumph over a completely disoriented Spanish squad that could not find its best version.

The duel against the Japanese, the third in the group stage of group C, was already announced as the most complicated so far in this World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, where any slight mistake could be lethal. And so it was.

With a brace from striker Hinata Miyazawa, La Roja’s executioner at the Wellington Regional Stadium, and another goal from Riko UekiJapan scored three impressive goals in the first half alone.

With the discipline of an army and an impeccable interpretation of the game, the Japanese took advantage of the failures of a completely misplaced Spain to annihilate it, taking advantage above all of its effectiveness on the counter.

After a counter-attack that began to build near the goal, Jun Endo found the perfect gap from midfield and fired a long shot for forward Hinata to open the scoring on 12 minutes.

But Spain, which repeated the previous formula for a luxury starting eleven with Alexia Putellas, Aitana Bonmatí and Jenni Hermosobut without defender and captain Ivan Andrés, she maintained her intensity on the court and tried to counter by looking for opportunities from the center.

With Aitana as the common thread and the speed of Mariona Caldentey and Salma Paralluelo on the wings, La Roja opted to look for the ball and dominated much of the first half with more than 70% possession of the ball.

However, he failed to break through the wall of Japan, which saw in a new failure by the Spanish header the ideal opportunity for Hinata to steal the ball, launch another counterattack and provide an assist for striker Riko Ueki, another of the big names. of the match, extend the advantage on the scoreboard.

Hinata, with a performance that combined precision, speed and determination, became the executioner of the Spanish by scoring her second goal and the third for the Japanese team.

With a three goal difference on the scoreboard, Spain bled to death. The holes opened in the defense multiplied, the offensive tripod Jenni, Salma and Mariona did not achieve their best aim and the midfield of Alexia Putellas and Aitana Bonmatí suffered a true blackout.

After the break, the Spanish coach, Jorge Vilda, changed tactics and bet on the entry of Alba Redondo and Eva Navarro to create chances in an apathetic attacking field.

Meanwhile, Jenni Hermoso continued to fight in the middle of the Japanese blue wall and came to offer danger on a few occasions, but Ayaka Yamashita He closed the Japanese goal and frustrated any attempt.

The havoc was done. A confident Japan kept up the same intensity and, playing as a synchronized block, continued to chase their fourth goal, which came down the stretch against newcomer Mina Tanaka.

With a great goal that featured a lot of dribbling, ball control and speed, Tanaka put the finishing touch on a win that assured Japan of first place in group C, which will face Norway in the round of 16.

Spain, that between stupefaction and nervousnessor you were far from finding your best version, you will have to be satisfied with the second box and will face Switzerland in the next stage of the tournament.

Data sheet:

Japan, 4: Ayaka Yamashita; Hana Takahashi, Saki Kumagai, Moeka Minami, Risa Shimizu (m.59, Miyabi Moriya); Hikaru Naomoto, Hinata Miyazawa (m.46, Aoba Fujino), Fuka Nagano (m.59, Yui Hasegawa), Honoka Hayashi, Jun Endo (m.84, Hina Sugita); Riko Ueki (m.67, Mina Tanaka).

Spain, 0: Mass Rodriguez; Ona Battle, Irene Paredes, Rocío Gálvez, Olga Carmona (m.46, Oihane Hernández); Teresa Abelleira (m.72, Claudia Zornoza), Aitana Bonmatí, Alexia Putellas (m.62, Alba Redondo); Mariona Caldentey (m.62, Eva Navarro), Jennifer Hermoso, Salma Paralluelo (m.82, Esther González).

Goals: 1-0, m.12: Hinata Miyazawa. 2-0, m.29: Riko Ueki. 3-0, m.40: Hinata Miyazawa. 4-0, m.82, Mina Tanaka.

Referee: Ekaterina Koroleva, from the United States. She admonished Olga Carmona and Oihane Hernández with a yellow card.

Incidents: Match for the third day of group C of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, played at the Wellington Regional Stadium in front of 20,957 spectators.

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