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Janhvi Fitness Secret: What is the secret of Janhvi’s toned body, the actress herself shared and told …

Jhanvi Kapoor shared fitness secret, you should also do this posture and stay fit.

Jhanvi Kapoor has always been alert about her fitness. Jhanvi Kapoor, who often makes headlines for her gymming and gymware, also does yoga for her fitness. Recently, she shared a picture on Instagram doing yoga. This picture has been captioned by Jahnavi Kapoor. In this picture, she is seen making Pigeon Pose. In the language of yoga, it is called Ekapada Rajakapotasana posture. This pose can be easy to see. But understanding all the nuances of yoga, it is not easy to do it. There are many other benefits of this yoga which increases the flexibility of the body.


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1. For flexibility
Ekapad Rajakapotasana increases the flexibility of the muscles. This asana is especially beneficial for the flexibility of the hips. This also increases the strength of the portion of the hips.

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2. Remove urinary disorders
Ekapad Rajkapotasana is very beneficial for anyone if there is any problem related to urine development ie urine. Due to this the health of the kidney is also maintained.
3. Relief in Lower Back Pain
Regular practice of Ekapad Rajakapotasana eliminates the problem of lower back pain to a great extent.
4. Relaxation in Sciatica
People suffering from sciatica should also do this asana. This reduces the pain of sciatica to a great extent.
5. For Digestion
Those who do Ekapad Rajkapotasana daily, their digestion is also good.
6. Relief from Constipation
Ekapad Rajakapotasana improves digestion. The effect of which is also visible on constipation. Those people who have a complaint of prolonged constipation, they should sit regularly by making Pigeon Pose. By its daily practice, one can get rid of the problem of constipation.

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7. Stress will go away
By doing this asana, stress is also reduced to a great extent. Due to the traditional stretching of the whole body, stress is released easily.

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