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Ivy Queen blesses the urban genre and reviews the inspiration for her greatest hits in “Tiny Desk”

Lighting a candle with his photograph and that of Bad Bunny, Ivy Queen raised a prayer for bless the urban genre and demonstrate in the most recent edition of the “Tiny Desk” because it is the “Queen of Reggaeton.”

“People have the rabbit’s foot, I have the complete Benito”the singer joked to begin her participation in the popular concert series presented by the National Public Radio (NPR). With this phrase, he made reference to the ancient belief that a rabbit’s foot brings good luck.

“Let’s take them to “Puerto Rico, the home of sofrito, adobo, sazón, but also of reggaetón”he assured with his “flow” before starting.

During the show, the performer recalled the life situations that led her to compose some of her greatest hits as “Life is so”, “Lower than me”, “Pray for me” and “I want to dance”.

“The times I fell in love and fell out of love, all that crazy stuff, instead of going sad in depression, I wrote the best songs I could have written,” he emphasized.

“I was going through it.” My God! “When I wrote that song I was working hard, poor thing.”he explained while singing “Life is so”, launched in 2010. “Now it’s something else, that’s life! One evolves. These have been the lyrics of my life, the ones I have composed, the ones I am presenting today that remain marked forever.”

Sitting in front of the microphone and surrounded by the musicians of the “Tiny Desk” the so-called “Caballota” briefly explained the popular theme of his “Drama Queen” album. “We use music as a language to communicate… before putting the knife in. Say no to violence…unnecessary, but if you have to do it, let me know, I’ll sign up,” she added between laughs.

Between sips from a pink glass of “holy water,” the Puerto Rican sang another of her iconic songs, “Lower than me.”

“Today women are judged for everything, they judge us if we are skinny, voluptuous, if we are tall, short, if we are blonde, black-haired… that cannot be judged. And much less love. For me, love has no age, it knows no color or race, when you fall in love, you fall in love to death,” said Ivy Queen.

“But, “What happens when you fall in love with a minor and you are a woman?” he asked those present. “That happened to me and I’m going to tell you now.”he revealed about the theme of his 2007 album “Feeling”.

Despite acting “like a fish in water,” the recently honored Billboard Latin Music Icon Award 2023 claimed to be “doing something out of my comfort zone.” “But I have always been a woman of challenges all my life. I was told no a thousand times, a thousand doors were closed to me and I continued with my heart, because I knew that it should not be given to me, because I had it. That no one was going to take my talent away from me, or replace it with something else.”

Finally, in this “Tiny Desk” A song released 20 years ago could not be missing and is still considered a “female anthem” today., which invites support between women and why not, even to dance without the need for company. “Empowerment without action is not empowerment. “This song has flown and crossed time,” she commented to close with “I want to dance” from his album “Diva”.

During his 28 years of musical career and in a genre dominated mostly by men, Ivy Queen has been characterized by defending the empowerment of women, with music that addresses issues of social politics, homosexuality, racism, love and heartbreak.

In October, the Latino Heritage Month, The “Tiny Desk” platform celebrates it with “El Tiny” sessions, with a wide range of Latin artists. Last week Villano Antillano was in space. Other Puerto Rican artists who have been present on this important platform are: Kany Karcía, Didi Romero-with the cast of “Six”-, iLe and Buscabulla.

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