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“It affected me because I saw my family in anguish”: beaten, Rodrigo de Loredo explained the reasons for his defeat in Córdoba

The former radical candidate published a video in which he listed the reasons for the electoral result. Among them, a “negative campaign” that made him review his “energy” to dedicate himself to politics.

Struck by the electoral defeat this Sunday by the mayor of the city of Córdoba, the former radical candidate of Together for Change Rodrigo de Loredo published an extensive video on his social networks in which he listed the reasons why the official Daniel Passerini it prevailed in the municipal elections by more than 7 points.

In addition, the radical deputy spoke of a “brutal and dangerous negative campaign” that it was orchestrated by the ruling party, that it had his “family in anguish” and that made him review his “energy” to dedicate himself to politics.

“He first and most decisive reason is that 47 percent of the voters supported the current management of the municipality,” he began in a nearly nine-minute video that he shared on his official Twitter account.

However, he complained that Passerini and Martin Llaryorarecently elected as governor of Córdoba, “proposed a message of work as a team between governor and mayor that it was efficient”, but that, “as it was expressed, it was very reprehensible, because it sounded like extortion“.

Rodrigo Loredo explained his defeat in the municipal elections of Córdoba. Photo: Fernando de la Orden

Meanwhile, he pointed out the “disincentive for people to vote” as the second factor of the electoral result. Although he recognized that this is aligned with the fact that “Argentine society is tired of the sustained failure of politics to provide answers to the problems of the people”, he assured that the Government contributed to this with “a multiplicity of actions”.

“The most efficient was to place an election date very close to the previous one, forcing the Cordovan to vote five times this year, and choosing the last Sunday of the winter holidays, with the difficulties that this entails. It was a cleverly chosen date to seek to reduce participation. To this we must add the serious proposal of the Electoral Board to point out that there would be no penalties for not participating“, complete.

Rodrigo de Loredo, on the “brutal and dangerous negative campaign”

Third, he remarked that there was “a brutal and dangerous negative campaign orchestrated by the government candidates” and hinted that this made him reconsider his intentions to continue in politics.

“These negative campaigns are a very serious problem and they are here to stay. This is one of the points that weighs me the most and makes me rethink the energy and what one is willing to expose in this activity”, He launched.

And he expanded: “These types of campaigns have three objectives., two of which discount they achieved and the third will always leave me in doubt. The first objective is to create a disincentive to participation. The second is affect the psychology of the candidate. It affected me because I saw my family in anguish because of the deep injustice that was generated and the dilemmas of whether or not we responded to the grievances”.

The third objective is for people to believe that the accusations are valid.. I tend to think that didn’t happen, because a lot of people know me and I’m a decent guy. I clarify that our list had one hundred percent of our candidates without any background. They looked for relatives and partners, who have some causes for nothing resolved, to link them. It’s a treacherous fact,” he continued.

Lastly, he explained that “the last factor was a efficient use of a government apparatus, which orderly pressured many citizens receiving assistance of a different economic nature on the part of the provincial and municipal states and that, due to their economic fragility, they are urged to accompany those who demand it”.

“This explanation is my point of view and does not imply disregarding the popular will expressed at the polls. I insist that the most determining factor is the first, the management referendum,” she closed.

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