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Israel’s surgical strike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor, which shook the world

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Actually, Israel and Iran are fighting a proxy war. Iran is funding Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It is said that Iran wants to become the boss of the Arab world. Iran is continuously expanding its nuclear weapons program. Israel has also expressed concern over this. Along with its friend America, Israel has also been vocal in condemning Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. Iran claims that it can destroy the world with its nuclear weapons.

In this situation, it is necessary to mention the Israeli Air Force attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor in June 1981. This attack was named ‘Operation Opera’. Military analysts have expressed fear that if Israel finds itself surrounded from all sides in the event of a large-scale regional war, it will not hesitate to launch a similar attack on Iran again.

Iran, at least officially, has insisted that it has no involvement in Hamas’ attack on Israel. Whereas some neighboring Arabs who wish to improve relations with Israel are seeing an opportunity to play the role of mediator in this situation. This includes countries like Qatar and Saudi.

What is Operation Opera?
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein started the work of building a nuclear reactor in the 1970s. He signed a deal with France to build two nuclear reactors named Tamuz 1 and Tamuz 2. Israel knew that Iraq’s nuclear reactor was a big threat to it, because Iraq becoming a nuclear power under a dictator would be dangerous.

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The main reason behind Israel’s concern was a threat given by Saddam Hussein a few years ago. In this, Saddam Hussein had said that if a nuclear bomb was made in Iraq, it would be used only on Jews (Israel). This was the reason why Israel made every effort to stop this nuclear reactor. For this he also adopted diplomatic and diplomatic methods. But there was no significant success in this. In such a situation, the then Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin planned to attack the nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq.

There was a problem regarding the route of the air strike
Root had a lake problem for the attack. Because there were many enemy countries on the way to the target over a long distance (1100 km) and there was also limited amount of fuel. Ultimately the route for the attack was proposed by the then Israeli Air Force Chief, Major General David Ivory. The plan was that Israeli fighter planes would fly about 1600 kilometers through the airspace of enemy countries Saudi Arabia and Jordan and go to Iraq and destroy the reactor.

Attack took place on 7 June 1981
On June 7, 1981, at 4 pm, 14 Israeli fighter jets took off from Etzion Airport. According to the details of ‘Operation Opera’ available on the website of Israel Defense Forces (IDF), at around 5.30 pm Israeli fighter jets attacked the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq and successfully completed its mission.

The IDF said about this operation, “In the initial phase of the operation, the IDF planned to use F-4 fighter jets. But as time passed, new F-16 fighter jets became available for use During the operation, 8 F-16 fighter jets from Squadron 110 and 117 were used. 6 F-15A fighter jets were used for backup. Apart from the fighter jets, about 60 other aircraft were used in this operation. “

Fighter jets fly with radio silence
The fighter jet took off from Israel with radio silence and radar switched off. It flew on a route of 1100 kilometers. This distance is equivalent to flying from Delhi to Mumbai. Fighter pilots flew over enemy territory at very low altitudes to avoid radar detection, which shows the high skill level of the pilots. The jets were fully loaded with outer fuel tanks, which were closed after use.

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Jordan’s King Hussein saw a fighter jet heading towards Iraq
Jordan’s King Hussein was vacationing in the port city of Aqaba during the attack. Seeing the fighter jet passing overhead, he immediately informed the Iraqis. The King of Jordan warned the Iraqi government that they could be the target of an Israeli attack. Israeli journalist Shlomo Nakdimon wrote in an article in 2003, “It seems that Iraq did not receive the message from the King of Jordan. Perhaps due to a communication error the message could not reach.”

After destroying Iraq’s nuclear reactor, all Israel’s fighter jets flew at an altitude of 40,000 feet, crossed Jordan and Saudi Arabia and returned to their air base within 3 hours.
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10 people from Iraq also died
Israel did not suffer any loss in this entire operation. At the same time, 10 people from Iraq were killed. Their important nuclear reactor was destroyed before it could be built.

The IDF said, “The name of Operation Opera was taken from the name of a bank. To ensure the secrecy of the operation, it was given different names each time. When the operation took place, its official name was ‘Operation Opera’ .”

Many countries condemned Israel for the air strike on the nuclear reactor, but after the first Gulf War in 1990–91, leaders supported this incredible operation because the Israeli attack ultimately prevented Iraq from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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