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Isco uncovers a scandal: “Monchi grabbed me by the neck and they had to separate us”

Isco Alarcon has broken his silence in an interview in Brand in which he is sincere. The footballer, who has been unemployed since his departure from Sevilla in the winter transfer window, wants to feel like a footballer again, although it will be necessary to see if he finds a team after uncovering a scandal that occurred in the Sevilla locker room and in which Monchi it is very marked. In the world of football, dirty laundry is not seen in the locker room, but Isco, who for a long time seems not to have given too much importance to football, has not hesitated to tell the whole truth about him.

Alarcón launched serious accusations against the former sports director of the Seville team, Monchi, whom he accuses of having “caught by the neck” before leaving the Andalusian club last December.

After opting for Sevilla due to the presence and insistence of Julen Lopetegui, everything collapsed for Isco after the dismissal of the Basque coach: “Julen is fired, he comes Sampaoli and good too. But when Lopetegui leaves and the winter market window I see many strange things within the club. To begin with, they called my representative to find a way out for me, without previously discussing anything with me, so as soon as I found out I went to speak directly with Monchi. I told him: ‘Hey, this has come to me, I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know if you love me, if you don’t love me…. Be honest with me and we’ll work it out without a problem. I’m at your service. I don’t know what economic crisis Sevilla could have, but after that conversation everything went wrong. I just wanted to know the thoughts of the club and he told me that if I found something that I would leave. After that conversation, Monchi was saying that I wanted to leave, something that was not true, and he started calling both me and my lawyer every day harassing us to sign the rescission. So I went to talk to him again and told him: ‘Look Monchi, you are not being honest with me or with the people you tell things to. I want to stay and you keep saying that I want to go’. And then there was a bit of conflict…”.

“What I am going to tell you is strong. I told him (Monchi) that he was the most deceitful person I had ever met in the world of football and he attacked me. He came towards me, he grabbed me by the neck, we moved away and they had to separate us completely. As you will understand, after that, I did not want to continue there under any circumstances. And although I was sorry, because I had a very good relationship with my teammates and the fans treated me wonderfully, I could not be comfortable in a club in which the sports director attacks me and nobody speaks up or apologizes. Not because of the aggression, not because of all the lies he was leaking. So I forgave my contract and left,” said the Arroyo de la Miel player.

Isco assured that Monchi’s alleged aggression “happened after training, on the way to the locker room. Well, the first thing I did was push him away and then the security separated us completely. I know that both Monchi and the club were going through delicate moments, but overcoming the barrier of violence is not something he could pass up. I was happy at Sevilla, I always played and although we were going through a difficult sporting moment, I was convinced that we were going to get ahead, as in the end it has been. But it is not as it is being said in many places, especially in the Seville press, where it is said that I got off the ship. Not much less. That is not in my mentality. I have been at Real Madrid for many years and I have never given upI have always tried to fight for a place, sometimes I have succeeded, other times not… But getting off the boat in this life, never”, he stressed.

Isco confessed that “I went home very hurtBecause in the end… I went to the club because Lopetegui had called me, telling me that he loved me, that he loved me, that there was a good team… And I was delighted. I lowered my salary four times compared to what I earned in Madrid and upon arrival, people from the club tell me that Monchi did not agree with my signing. I was going with the idea of ​​playing with the coach who has always bet on me and winning over people who weren’t so confident, but this happened… So, imagine how I got home afterwards. I had been in Seville for four months, after moving with three children… And then you suddenly see yourself with doubts about what is going to happen, where we are going to go, the schools… It’s complicated, but you have to be strong and look ahead”.

Isco, who goes to the ‘Crys Díaz & Co’ training center from Monday to Friday, where he is doing his particular pre-season, had not spoken for four years and admits that he was wrong when letting certain information pass that he did not they left too well in the professional field: “I did not want to enter the rag of all the rumor mills and I think I was wrong. I think I was wrong because people have to know first-hand what has happened. I have been wearing armor for a long time on and this is not a good thing.”

The ex of Real Madrid, who assures that he has placed himself in the hands of a psychologist after the setback that suffered in berlin -He turned around in full medical examination after feeling cheated by the Union who, according to Isco, changed the conditions of his contract from one day to the next, he needed to get some air, disconnect, clean his head. Now, he assures him, he is ready to return and is looking for a project where he can have fun playing soccer. After the tremendous crack that has been hit against Monchi and with the harsh accusations made, it is difficult for any team in Spain to open the door for him.

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