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Is nobody going to think about the gamers?

Helen Lovejoy is a minor character The Simpson. It is the wife of Reverend Lovejoy and appears almost exclusively to ask indignantly “Is no one going to think about the children?” It is his phrase. For months I’ve been feeling a bit like Helen Lovejoy in Football esRadio. Every week I ask indignantly if someone is going to think about the players in our League. They are like some animals that are becoming extinct. There are less and less and the ones we have, we don’t take care of them at all. There will come a day when we point at them surprised to see one. “Look, Dad, that one tries to do fun things.”

The complaint is addressed to the arbitration group, excessively sensitive to any protest against them and impassive with the gamers. If a soccer player gets cleats stuck in his knee and they don’t whistle or foul, the person attacked has the obligation to endure the pain and injustice of the decision. If it occurs to you to complain, you know, yellow card. With the referees, not even half, but the gamers, those who endanger their body, their physique, they have to put up with half, whole and another. I am not asking too much of the arbitration group, only that they comply with the regulations. That same one that they comply to the letter with the protests. Well, it turns out that in that same little book there is a section where the following is written: “if he endangers the physical integrity of the adversary, he must be expelled.” I understand that the work of a referee is complicated – I myself have been a referee and I know what I’m talking about – but the excuse ends when there are four people sitting in front of a television. The action will be lost in our memory over time only because Vinicius finished the match and was not taken off on a stretcher. Does that have to happen for Media Jiménez, last night the VOR, to wake up and do his job well? It would be a mistake because the aggressor must be punished and warned, not only when there is a misfortune. Vinicius’ season could have ended perfectly last night.

the input of Maffeo and Vinicius It is a red card even if there is no intention to harm. Well, everything ends in yellow for the Real Madrid player for protesting. Nothing for Maffeo. Not yellow. It is that it was not whistled or missing. It is no longer a matter of protocols, the problem is that there are referees who do not give the level. They hit Vini, they hit him again, over and over again. In the first games he laughed. After 28 days he has tired. And I understand you. I understand him, like the rest of the gamers who they don’t protect either. Number one for me in this category is Nabil Fekir, Betis footballer. In fact, he is the player who receives the most fouls in the entire league. What he has to endure is unspeakable, but Fekir also has another statistic in which he stands out and that is that despite the fact that he has been at Betis for a short time, only Poli Rincón surpasses him as the most expelled footballer in the history of the Verdiblanco club. This Saturday we saw why. I’m not going to defend Fekir’s flicks on the ball, nor the kick he hits Muniain, but I want you to know the context of what Fekir is going through. He gets a lot of kicks in every match. Many of them are not punished or faulty. He happens as with Vinicius, that it is naturalizing that they can receive more than a defender, for example, that at the minimum contact a foul is called. Fekir, Vinicius, Dembele, Joao Felix or whoever, they have to endure without protest and now also have their beard or ear touched after receiving a kick on purpose which is what happened to Fekir. Well, I do not agree. I don’t agree that they, the ones who put their ankles and knees on the line with every dribble, are the ones who have to put up with the most and also being the ones who make the fewest fouls. Footballers are people and there are reactions that are almost impossible to avoid. I understand Vinicius as I also understand Fekir or Manuel Pellegrini who must feel very helpless because Chileans, like me, ask indignantly at each press conference, “Is no one going to think about the gamers?” No one pays any damn attention to him.

The match in Mallorca, to comment on something, even if it is the least, has been a good summary of this League for Real Madrid. There are 15 teams that have it very difficult to compete against them. It is a reliable team in defense, even if Militao is not there, and up top they have a lethal duo with a connection and impact on the goal that is not comparable with any of the other 19 teams. Benzema He has 30 goals and 13 assists in 34 games. Vinicius, 17 goals and 10 assists in 38 games. 7 of Benzema’s 13 assists have been for Vinicius and 7 of Vinícius’ 10 assists have been for Benzema. This is a lot of goals, victories and points. So much so that I recognize that, although Ancelotti does not manage the full potential of the squad, many young people who should have had more minutes as has been seen with Camavinga or Valverde, has unthinkable numbers in the League. Real Madrid has only lost two games, against Getafe and Espanyol, and 5 throughout the season. These two, in addition to PSG, who was later annulled with the comeback, Sheriff Tiraspol, who was also corrected by being first in the group, and against Atheltic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey.

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