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Is cow’s milk more beneficial or buffalo’s milk? Whose milk contains more nutrients, know

Cow’s milk has less calories as compared to buffalo’s milk.

Cow and buffalo milk: Cow’s milk is a commonly consumed beverage across the world and is considered healthy. It is a good source of nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. These nutrients are essential for strong bones, muscle growth and overall health. Cow milk can be considered a healthy alternative to buffalo milk due to its nutritional value and benefits. If you are confused about which milk you should choose, then here we are telling you with the reason whether it is beneficial to drink cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk.

Which is better cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk? which is better cow milk or buffalo milk

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1. Nutritional Composition

Due to the balanced nutritional composition, cow’s milk is considered more beneficial than buffalo’s milk. It has a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Cow milk has a lower fat content than buffalo milk, making it perfect for people who are concerned about their weight.

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2. Digestive Power

Cow milk is easier to digest than buffalo milk. Fat globules present in cow’s milk are small in size, which aid in digestion. Fat globules are larger in buffalo milk, which makes it difficult to digest, especially for people with digestive problems like lactose intolerance.


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3. Lower cholesterol level

Cow milk has less cholesterol than buffalo milk. High cholesterol level can increase the risk of heart disease. That’s why people with high cholesterol level can benefit from consuming cow’s milk instead of buffalo’s milk.

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4. High Vitamin Content

Cow’s milk has more vitamin A than buffalo’s milk. Vitamin A is essential for good eyesight, bone growth and a healthy immune system. Therefore, consuming cow’s milk can provide a better dose of Vitamin A.

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