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Is Cemex going for the rubble? Its CEO points to the circular economy

the way for the decarbonization of the cement industry, or zero carbon emissions, is the circular economy, assured Fernando Gonzalez OliveriCEO of the Mexican cement company Cemexin a global context of supply cuts in fuels such as natural gas in Europe and high costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By participating in the Binational Convention The American Society of Mexico 2022the director assured that decarbonization of the cement industry is feasibledesirable and profitable, so they are confident of accelerating their carbon footprint reduction goals by 2030 and 2050.

“For me, the only possibility to reach, in any industry, any business, including ours, to zero emissionsis by aligning ourselves with the concept of a circular economythe new economy is extracting, you recover materials already used, you return to produce and recycle”, he assured. Fernando Gonzlez Oliveri.

He added that currently the highest cost for the industry and the cement plant in particular it has been fuels, mainly in Europe where they have a presence due to the cuts in natural gas that Russia has made due to the war against Ukraine.

primary fuels in cement have been the highest cost, the most important, and one of the CO2 generators. In the case of Europe, they have been working on a circular economy for decades and have garbage and waste directives to reuse it,” he said.

The CEO of Cemex added that 70 percent of the fuel to produce cement in that region it is household, commercial and residential garbage.

“Now that we have the problem of war between Russia and Ukraine, the cut off of natural gas to Germany and Central Europe, this possibility of using this garbage and waste allows us to disassociate the primary fuel prices and allow us to continue with our productive activity or be dependent on a fuel,” he added.

In this sense, he stressed that one of the main challenges will be the integration of clean energy and the reuse of waste. Cemex currently produces 30 percent of its products with 25 percent less CO2. The goal of the cement company is to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

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