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Irregularities in the plans: the prosecutor Taiano asked Tolosa Paz for explanations for the Potenciar Trabajo

It is in the case that investigates fraud to the State and where it was detected that beneficiaries bought dollars and paid for personal property.

Prosecutor Eduardo Taiano, who is in charge of the investigation into irregularities in the social plans, sent a letter to the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, in which he asks for all kinds of explanations about the awarding of the plans, the subsequent control and cross-checking of data with other State departments to detect inconsistencies.

In addition, he asked the director of the AFIP, Carlos Castagneto, to send him “the original and complete confidential report, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Social Development and which reported the irregularities related to the Potenciar Trabajo Program, together with the list of taxpayers that arises from that survey”.

He also ordered the director of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce, to send him the number of beneficiaries who charge by transfer and what others do by ATM and also tell him what measures the entity took to prevent beneficiaries of social plans from buying Dollars.

The case that Taiano has started after a complaint from his colleague Guillermo Marijuan who initiated a preliminary investigation and when detecting possible crimes appeared in Justice.

In the case, a universe of 250,000 plans of the Potenciar Trabajo program with alleged irregularities is investigated. What was detected is that there were beneficiaries who bought dollars, others who paid the personal property tax and even people who had boats or cars 0km as part of their heritage.

In the notification sent to Tolosa Paz, prosecutor Taiano asks for explanations on 15 points.

You want to know what universe of people can access the Potenciar Trabajo Program, what are the economic or social parameters to be selected and how a person can apply for the Program.

In addition, he asks if there are control or audit procedures on the payroll of beneficiaries.

The prosecutor also asks the minister to report whether the purchase of dollars is a cause for withdrawal from the plan and to give details about the cross-linking of data prepared by the National Tax and Social Identification System used by the State and the Ministry to detect irregularities.

The prosecutor seeks to determine if the warnings had already appeared and ignored them until the scandal broke.

Parallel to the Taiano case, the Marijuan prosecutor launched a new preliminary investigation to determine why only 2,243 plans were canceled when there were irregularities out of a total of 250,000.

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