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Iran’s attack on Israel: Javier Milei expressed his “solidarity” in the face of escalating tension in the Middle East

In the midst of the escalation of tension in the Middle East due to the attack by Iran, President Javier Milei expressed this Saturday his “solidarity and commitment” to Israel. It was through a statement in which the president refers to Iran as a regime that “promotes terror and seeks the destruction of the West.”

Milei’s official position on Iran’s attacks on Israel was made public shortly after the president canceled his trip to Denmark and ordered the creation of a crisis committee in the country.

“The office of President Javier Milei expresses its solidarity and unwavering commitment to the State of Israel, in the face of the attacks initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the statement begins.

Along the same lines, he adds that “the Argentine Republic recognizes the right of Nation-States to defend themselves and emphatically supports the State of Israel in the defense of its sovereignty, especially against regimes that They promote terror and seek the destruction of Western civilization“.

In the text they also make reference to the recent court ruling on the attack on the AMIA. “It is recalled that last Thursday, April 11, the Federal Court of Criminal Cassation determined that the attacks against the Embassy of Israel and the AMIA in our country were perpetrated by Hezbollah under the auspices of Iranian state organizations,” he points out.

The official communication also warns that Argentina adopted “a new foreign policy that is based on the defense of Western values ​​and a common vision of the world in defense of life, liberty and private property.”

“The State of Israel is a bastion of Western values ​​in the Middle East and the Argentine Republic will always be on its side against those who seek its extermination,” the text closes.

Milei decided this Saturday to cancel his trip to Denmark, concerned about the attack on Israel and the escalation of tension in the Middle East.

High sources from the Casa Rosada confirmed to Clarion that the visit to Denmark to sign the purchase contract for 24 F16 aircraft was canceled because the President wants to return to the country immediately and evaluate how the Argentine State will help Israel.

As stated, as soon as the president arrives in Buenos Aires he will meet at the Casa Rosada with his team to define “correct posture” and even evaluate the possible sending of “health aid.”

“It is not an issue that the President handles, he needs to meet with those who know. It is not an issue of economics, which with Toto Caputo solves it in three minutes,” they insisted from the president’s entourage.

Milei ordered the creation of a crisis committee that will meet this Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Casa Rosada. In addition to the president and his closest officials, there will be representatives from the Foreign Ministry, Defense, Security and Intelligence.

Once in the country, Milei will contact different Western presidents to coordinate joint actions.

Elisa Carrió asks to protect the Jewish community in Argentina

The founder of the Civic Coalition, Elisa Carrió, asked this Saturday to protect the Jewish community in the country and maintained that “today more than ever Iran is a terrorist state.”

“It is necessary to protect the Jewish community in Argentina. Iranian agents surround us and circulate, with impunity, through Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Nisman knew it and we all know it,” Carrió wrote in X.

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