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iPhone 15: when it would arrive in Argentina and price of the new models

Manzana He once again dismissed the inflationary pressure in the US that raised the cost of many technological products. In this way, the iPhone 15 burst onto the scene with few bright changes, but with the same expectation from its loyal users. Nevertheless, The situation of these aspirational phones is uncertain in Argentina.

The decision of keep the same pricesrevealed on Tuesday during the Apple Event 2023, which on this occasion was baptized “Wonderlust”, dismissed all kinds of rumors in recent weeks that foreshadowed “the most expensive iPhone in history”.

The same had happened with the iPhone 14 in 2022. At that time They predicted up to 15% more to help offset rising component costs.

For several years, new Apple iPhone models incorporated gradual improvements both in the cameras and a processor that efficiently manages energy. However, pressure from the European Union forced it to include USB-C port that allows any type of charger.

Among the latest improvements is a camera that changed from 12 to 48 megapixels not only in the Pro and Pro Max models which, according to the company, will take extremely sharp images when compared to previous generations.

This year’s high-end models also feature a titanium coating which makes it lighter and “cooler” to better dissipate heat, 8 GB of RAM and storage options ranging from 256 to 1TB in the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15: prices and availability

IPhone 15, the new aspirational cell phone. Photo: AFP

The standard version –iPhone 15– will be available to pre-order through Apple’s official site, starting at $799 for the 128GB model. As the storage configuration changes, the price will change, therefore the 256 GB one will rise to $899, while the 512 GB one will cost $1,099.

He iPhone 15 Plus with 6.7-inch/17-centimeter display) with 128GB of storage starts at $899 and follows a similar pricing trajectory to the same 2022 edition. It costs $999 to double the storage to 256GB, then $1,199 to get a 512GB version. GB.

In the high range of the family, Titanium iPhone 15 Pro and A17 Pro processor It is priced with the base configuration at $999. There are more storage configurations available with this model, going up to 1TB, the most expensive at $1,499. Meanwhile, the 256GB one costs $1099 and the 512GB one costs $1299.

Finally, iPhone 15 Pro Maxthe top of the range with the largest screen size, is again by far the most expensive. Not having 128 GB of storage like the previous ones, prices range from $1119 (256GB), $1399 (512GB) and a hefty $1,599 for the 1TB configuration.

The four models (and their variants) will be available for pre-sale starting on the 15th, while the September 22 they will officially go on sale in official Apple stores in the United States and its main markets in Europe and Asia.

Price and availability of the iPhone 15 in Argentina

As usually happens in the hours after the end of each Apple Event, the only official data on the prices of the four iPhone 15 models and the launch date are focused on the US market. In Argentina, meanwhile, everything is uncertainty.

Unlike brands like Samsung, Motorola or Xioami, Apple does not have a presence in the country. This place is occupied by the brand’s official importers or licensees, which is why the iPhone 15 launch schedule can be seen noticeably altered in Argentina, especially when the obstacles around the Import System of the Argentine Republic (SIRA) are added.

A source from an important distribution chain with more than 20 years in the country was conclusive regarding deadlines: “It is very difficult to talk about imports of this type of products today”. However, he clarified that if the situation normalizes, the Manzanita phones could be for sale. mid november.

To take as a reference, the last two generations of Apple smartphones arrived in Argentina with different deadlines. The iPhone 13 landed four months after its launch, while the iPhone 14 made it official with its resellers eight months after the 2022 keynote.

With prices in dollars similar to the four 2022 models, iPhone 15 value projection also uncertain.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, served as master of ceremonies during the announcement of the iPhone 15. Photo: AFP.Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, served as master of ceremonies during the announcement of the iPhone 15. Photo: AFP.

As detailed from the chain macstationan Apple authorized reseller, the value of these aspirational cell phones is governed by various taxes that end up making the product too expensive in Argentina.

“For the sale there is 21% VAT and the internal tax, which today is around 23.46% of the net value. Then you have to consider that they pay an import tariff – currently it is 16% – and recently the added country tax of 7.5%,” they explained to Clarion.

Because of this heavy tax burden on electronic products that impacts the price by 80% and the economic reality of the country, the iPhone 15 could cost up to three times more than in the United States.

To have some idea about this, we must take into account that the iPhone 14 can currently be obtained between 1,384,999.00 (U$D 2,165) and 1,904,999.00 pesos (U$D 2,978) in the 128 GB storage configuration, according to the official MacStation reseller

The version with 256 GB starts at 1,564,999.00 and reaches 2,064,999.00 pesos in its Pro Max model. Those with 512GB and 1TB are not listed.

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