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iPhone 15: this will be the revolutionary camera of the next Apple model

Sony’s photographic sensors would change their operation by improving the noise of the photos.

Year after year, the leading cell phone brands renew their high-end models. And they all aim to improve their cameras, but the one who does it best is always Manzana. Whether due to secrets in its software or in its hardware, when looking at a photo, those taken with Motorola or Samsung devices do not even come close to the quality of those of a iphone.

This year, with the arrival of the iPhone 14, Apple got into the megapixel (MP) race, something it had always refused to do. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max debuted, for the first time, a 48 MP camera sensor with Pixel Binning technology, which takes better advantage of lighting per pixel. It is 65% larger than last year, with OIS built into the sensor. The iPhone 13 had 12 MP.

This combination of 4 pixels in 1 (to capture at 12 megapixels), is something familiar in its rival Android, although Apple relies on its ISP – the key to placing the exact color in a photograph – to make it make more sense. What’s more, Apple offers double the brightness on all sensors (in low light conditions).

As for the videosthe new “action mode” aims to help capture smooth-looking video that adjusts for significant shake, movement and vibration, even when the video is captured in the middle of the action.

The cameras of the iPhone 14 would be surpassed by those of the 15. Photo AFP

Also improved was “Cinematic Mode”, first introduced on last year’s iPhone 13 series: you can now record in 4K at 30fps and 4K at 24fps using the feature.

So, Apple did it again. The iPhone 14 has the best camera. But, as it turned out, the iPhone 15 will come with lenses that will be a technological revolution.

Apple is in charge of designing the iPhone camera, but its components are from other manufacturers. Sony, the historical supplier of photographic sensors in La Manzanita, will be preparing to offer you its latest generation sensor.

What will the iPhone 15 camera be like?

Sony's first dual-layer pixel transistor stacked CMOS image sensor.

Sony’s first dual-layer pixel transistor stacked CMOS image sensor.

According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, it is the first stacked CMOS image sensor with double layer of pixel transistors (2-Layer Transistor Pixel). In conventional CMOS sensors, the photodiodes and transistors are on the same substrate, in this new sensor they are on different substrate layers.

As Sony explains, this technology allows expand dynamic range and reduce noise in photos. This will prevent underexposure and overexposure in environments that have a mix of bright and dim lighting. Thus, better images can be captured in backlit situations and in low light environments. And also, logically, indoors.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, when presenting the iPhone 14, in California, in September of this year. Photo AFP

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, when presenting the iPhone 14, in California, in September of this year. Photo AFP

Although the sensor is a key part of the photos taken with the iPhone, it is not the only thing that is part of this device. The optics system with a seven-element architecture and computational photography are very important. This year, with the iPhone 14, Apple released the Photonic Engine, an engine that receives the information collected by the sensor before the Deep Fusion compression algorithm intervenes.

It is likely that version 15 of the iPhone will come with more news, such as a new processor that surpasses the current A16 Bionic. The truth is that to see these novelties we will have to wait, it is estimated that until September of next year.


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