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iOS 17: these are the iPhone models that would be left without an update from this year

According to reports, 32 devices will receive the new software and 2 complete lines will be taken out of circulation.

The other side of the enthusiasm that iPhone users experience for a new version of iOS is the announcement of the devices that lose compatibility. What are the six current models that are updated and the two phones that they stay without coverage of the software.

iOS 17 will be announced at WWDC 23 later this fall. The latest iOS update for eligible models will first be seen at the annual developer conference on June 5. However, it seems that we will not have to wait so long to find out on which phones they will continue on the road.

The operating system that will be officially released, factory-installed on the 4 models of iPhone 15 that are presented in early September. From the moment the phones are updated, the brand’s mobiles compatible with the software will be able to install the system via OTA.

Different specialized sites have obtained a list of the iPhone and iPad that will lose their immunity. The funny thing is that the list is more long than usual. It seems that iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 will introduce advancements that will be more demanding on the specifications of those devices.

The iPhone X will be the first mobile with a notch that is left out of the system. AFP photo

Among iPhones, compatibility would govern those who have the chip A11 Bionic. The oldest model that would retain compatibility with iOS 17 would be the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR and XS.

Interestingly, devices that equip the A10 Fusion chip like the 6th and 7th generation iPads would retain compatibility. Either Apple has juggled to achieve that, or the list is incomplete.

According to a reliable source from MacRumors, the iPhones that would no longer be compatible with iOS 17 would be the following: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

It is no coincidence that the three mobiles were released in 2017 in the same event and they already have 6 years of experience and share the same version of the operating system. If this is true, the iPhone X will be the first iPhone with a notch to become outdated.

Additionally, iPad 17 would no longer support the following tablets: iPad Pro 1st generation (9.7-inch), iPad Pro 1st generation (12.9-inch), iPad 5th generation.

In addition, it would be the first time that a generation of the iPad Pro is exempt from being able to update to the latest version of iPadOS and a sign that even the most professional models of the tablet also end up aging over time.

The arrival of the iPad 17 would no longer offer compatibility with the following models: iPad Pro 1st generation (9.7 inches) iPad Pro 1st generation (12.9 inches) iPad 5th generation.

iOS 17: the news of the new software

All software news.  Photo Reuters.

All software news. Photo Reuters.

The last radical change in appearance in iOS took place with the arrival of iOS 7, almost a year ago. one of each. So no one is ruling out a major redesign or at least a few tweaks.

Several publications have stated that iOS 17 will have more new features and improvements than originally expected and that they will introduce important changes in handling.

Mark Gurman commented that the main objective of the version is to solve stability problems that iOS 16 has been dragging since its launch. However, this week Gurman himself added new data and said that iOS 17 would bring a series of new features that fans would appreciate.


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