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Investigation accuses Russia of ‘Havana Syndrome’

The unknowns about the great mystery of the ‘Havana Syndrome’ may have come to an end. What could be the title of a novel by Agatha Christie has been one of the great breaches of United States intelligence since 2016, when 21 people linked to Washington’s diplomatic headquarters in the Cuban capital experienced nausea, dizziness, headache and hearing and fatigue after being victims of a high-pitched sound.

Last year, a report was published from the White House that put an end to the speculation. He concluded that it was “very unlikely that the sound attacks were the work of a foreign state, although an alternative theory was not studied either. Thirteen months later, a collaboration between the media has turned the story around and points to the Kremlin as a possible author.

The Russian opposition media that operates from exile ‘The Insider’, the German ‘Der Spiegel’ and the American CBS point out that there is a Moscow connection with the attacks, specifically the military intelligence unit 29155, who would have been rewarded for their good work in these acts, according to the research carried out. Furthermore, they claim that these health problems were seen in Frankfurt two years before they were seen in Cuba, shortly after the invasion of Crimea.

A key element in this investigation that accuses the North American country of covering up a possible Russian attack is that, according to these media, many of the victims were able to identify members of the Kremlin unit at the scene, including Albert Averyanov. , son of Andrey Averyanov, the leader of the organization responsible for multiple sabotage operations and assassination attempts across the old continent, one of them the Novichok poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom.

Although members of the Intelligence community doubt the existence of a cause-effect relationship, the Russian presence in the places where the incidents occurred had already been reported. ‘The Insider’ seems to have managed to compile leaked Kremlin documents on Russian services. They tracked down the members of the unit allegedly behind these attacks and located them in Frankfurt in 2014. They also located Alexander Mishkin, one of those responsible for the assassination attempt on Skripal, in China, when around twenty cases occurred. at the United States consulate in Guangzhou.

A common denominator

Much of the research has been based on the sources who investigated or suffered these attacks. One of the Pentagon officials, Greg Edgreen, places the “Russian nexus” as the common point between all actions. He assures that American Intelligence itself set the bar very high to be able to launch a formal accusation against Moscow. «One of the reasons I began to realize was the caliber of the officers affected. The perpetrators were the most efficient 5% or 10% of our officers,” he proclaims.

One affected by that percentage was the FBI counterintelligence officer identified as Carrie. She was allegedly attacked on two occasions in 2020 after participating in the interrogations of Russian spy Vitalii Kovalev detained in Florida after a car chase worthy of any action movie. The federal agent’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, assures that there are more cases like hers among members of the North American force and they all have a common denominator: they are involved in investigations into Russia.

In the investigation, ‘The Insider’ dusts off documentation that proves the existence of a Soviet program called Reduktor, created in 1984 to study the use of electromagnetic radiation to influence the behavior and reactions of biological objects, including people.

The Russian media theorizes the possibility that Putin has recovered this exploration and turned it into a weapon, since Colonel Ivan Terentiev, present at the incidents in China, received a payment for “intellectual property rights for his investigations in the Ministry of Defense”, where according to the information he investigated “the potential capabilities of non-lethal acoustic weapons in combat activities in urban environments.”

This information, as told by this media alliance, was more than known by North American intelligence which, according to lawyer Zaid, has decided to cover it up. This publication makes the history of Havana syndrome remain half written.

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