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Interurban Train: This is the date of its inauguration and its rate

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that in September the first section of the Interurban Train will be inaugurated that will operate in the west of Mexico City towards Toluca, State of Mexico. Besides, announced the approximate dates on which the civil works will be ready.

In his morning conference on June 21, López Obrador said that one of the objectives of his administration was to finish the Interurban Train, a work that the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto left unfinished and that to date it has not been inaugurated.

“They said that we were not going to finish the train from Toluca to Mexico City… We inherited that train… Well, very good news for the people, we are going to finish it,” he said in a conference.

Inauguration of the Interurban Train: Key dates for its inauguration

In the conference, President López Obrador advanced the months in which the work will present results and will be available to the public:

  • September: This month the first section of the Interurban Train will be inaugurated, which will run “to Lerma”, a station located on the banks of said municipality with Ocoyoacac. The president did not specify the stations that will be in operation.
  • December: He announced that the civil works will be completed this month, that is, the construction of all sections and infrastructure to undergo a series of performance tests.
  • First quarter of 2024: By March at the latest, passengers will already be able to use the Interurban Train and its seven stations, which go from Metro Observatorio in the capital of the country to Zinacantepec, in the metropolitan area of ​​Toluca.

Although the price has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, in a cost-benefit analysis of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) it is indicated that the price would go from 40 to 50 pesoswhich would mean that if you want to go from Observatorio to Zinacantepec roundtrip, the price to pay would be a minimum of 100 pesos, although it is feared that the rates will be higher.

This is almost double that of the Suburban Train, which runs from Buenavista, in Mexico City, to Cuautitlán, in the State of Mexico, since your long trip is 23 pesosthat is, 46 pesos for two long trips.

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