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Internet, Netflix, Spotify and more: how much does the most popular ‘digital basket’ of subscriptions cost?

Online subscription services became a regular consumption
for many Argentines. From recreational ones like Netflix, Spotify or PlayStation Plus to work ones (Google Drive, iCloud or LinkedIn Plus), almost all had some price increase in recent months.

But the truth is that even if they increase in price, users prefer to continue paying. Until the end of last year, to give the example of one of the most popular, Netflix had reached the figure of 221 million subscribers. And these numbers are growing on almost all fronts.

As they are services and consumption of companies that operate abroad, they are all covered by the 35% tax; The tax 8% COUNTRY and for the value added tax VAT of 21%.

To form a “basic digital basket” that includes an internet connection provider, a subscription to a series and movie platform, another for music and a cloud storage service requires investment at least 3,500 pesos per month.

Next, the most popular subscriptions in Argentina and their current price (with taxes included).

recreational platforms

Online entertainment. AFP Photo

  • Netflix: $670 for basic, $1,128 for standard, and $1,656 per month for premium (four devices and 4K quality).
  • Amazon Prime: $563 in its only Star++ version: 880 per month (with an option of 8,800 per year, saving two months of cost)
  • HBOMax: $386 for the most basic plan and $570 for the premium plan (allows more simultaneous devices)
  • Disney+: 385 per month, end. Or in a “combo” with Star++ and ESPN, 995 pesos.
  • YouTube Premium: 230 pesos per month. Remove ads between videos and within playback.
  • Spotify: the cheapest is 352 pesos. Few users buy the family plan as it can be used on multiple devices without much hassle. Remove ads between topic and topic.
Xbox offers a subscription with more than 100 games.  Photo Pexels

Xbox offers a subscription with more than 100 games. Photo Pexels

  • Xbox Game Pass (PC and Xbox): The Ultimate version costs 899 pesos per month. It has a cheaper version for 599.
  • Playstation Plus: it costs $39.99 per year. This gives an approximate of 7200 pesos per year (taking the value of the dollar at 111 pesos and adding taxes)

Work apps

iCloud offers cloud storage.  AFP Photo

iCloud offers cloud storage. AFP Photo

(Taking as reference an official dollar of 111 pesos)

  • iCloud: Apple’s cheapest cloud subscription is $1 per month, with 50GB of storage. The 200 GB plans cost 3 USD per month and for users who handle large volumes of information, 200 GB costs 3 USD and 2 TB costs 10 USD per month.
  • google drive: The first 15 GB is free on Google online storage. If you want to have 100 GB per month, it costs 20 dollars per year and the option of more space, 200 GB, costs 30 dollars.
  • keeper (Key Manager): There are other options like Dashlane and 1Password. Keeper costs $35 per year. It remains at 6,300 with taxes.
  • LinkedIn Premium: the cheapest option remains at 3,280 pesos per month. It allows to generate links from who looks at the profile and other functions to speed up contacts in the world of work.

Internet connection prices

How much do internet services cost?  Photo Shutterstock

How much do internet services cost? Photo Shutterstock

Last but not least, there is an expense that is unavoidable today: the internet connection.

The not least fact -and known to all- is that companies usually offer discounts that, once they expire, can be renewed with a phone call.

  • Personal Flow: “Flow box”, the basic internet plan at home, costs 1,990 pesos per month. There are different combinations if you want to pay for mobile internet on your cell phone, which, if you have a line from the same company, is convenient.
  • Telecentre: There is an interesting option of 2,099 pesos for 300 megabytes per month, a very high connection speed.
  • iPlan: the cheapest costs almost 3 thousand pesos and provides 100 megabytes. The most expensive, 300 MB, costs 5,219 pesos. Neither of them includes taxes, so you have to think about an extra 21% VAT.



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