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International Yoga Day 2022: Why is yoga important for children, what are its benefits and which yoga is best for children

Why is yoga important for children?

Yoga is very important for children of growing age, that is why they should start their day with yoga. Nowadays, many schools also give great importance to yoga and start the day of children with yoga. It enhances the concentration of children. In such a situation, due to increased attention and concentration, they feel interested in studies and they are able to understand things quickly. Along with this, yoga also helps in increasing confidence in them. Not only this, yoga also makes children’s body flexible, which strengthens their physical development and muscles. Children should also do yoga to reduce the pressure of studies and stay tension free. It keeps their mind balanced and keeps them away from stress. Apart from this, by doing yoga for half an hour a day, children also get good sleep at night.

Child’s Pose Yogasana can also reduce anxiety and stress in children. Photo Credit: iStock

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Which yoga asanas should be done by children-

1. Pranayama

Pranayama is a respiratory yoga posture, which exercises the heart and nervous system. It is very important for adults as well as for children, it keeps the mind of children calm and they do not have such problems as cold, cold, cough.

2. Balasan

It is very beneficial for children to do Balasana or which is called Child’s Pose, by doing this their brain develops faster and they get positivity. Doing Balasan can also reduce anxiety and stress in children.

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3. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose is very beneficial for children. It strengthens their spine as well as makes their body flexible. It is considered very beneficial for children’s body stretching. It can also increase their immunity.

4. Natarajasana

This asana works to increase attention and concentration in children. Also makes his body flexible. This asana is also known as Lord of the Dance Pose or Dancer Pose.

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5. Tadasana

In this easy, children have to stand with straight arms up, doing this strengthens their muscles. It helps in maintaining the fitness of children. Along with this, the height of the children can also increase.

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