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Internal reproaches in the K block: there were senators who were not aware of the project

The announcement of the project that proposes to recover money from evaders to pay the IMF It was announced with a statement from the block of Senators of the Front of All. However, the project presented only had the signature of five legislators very close to Cristina Kirchner. The controversy begins to believe because several of the legislators of the ruling party did not even know of the existence of the initiative. “I found out on Twitter”assured aa Clarion an official senator. But he is not the only one.

The text was cooked in complete secrecy in the core closest to the vice president. In fact, it was signed by the campers Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Martín Doñate, the cristinistas Juliana Di Tullio and Oscar Parrilli and the leader of the bench, José Mayans from Formosa. But the diffusion became massive and it was advertised with the weight of the entire block, which he is not necessarily against the initiative, but he protests the methodology.

If they present a project on behalf of everyone, that at least we all know what we are involved in“Assures a legislator. That claim was turned into the internal WhatsApp chat and will be a topic of conversation at the block meeting scheduled for this Wednesday at 11, before the start of the session by the Council of the Magistracy.

As soon as they found out, they asked for the text and many are still studying it. “No one can oppose tax evaders,” said a senator who sought to tone down internal differences.

However, doubts arise. “From the technical point of view, it must be studied well. It is contradictory to charge a tax on an illegal act. In any case, to set up a special regime from the punitive point of view or tools to reinforce the investigation beyond the institutionalized pimp,” another senator from the Frente de Todos believes. He referred to the figure of the “collaborator.

The claims are internal and there were no public protests. The text promoted by the Kirchnerist nucleus was quickly endorsed by the Casa Rosada through the president himself, Alberto Fernández, and his spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti. “You have to bank it”They lowered the order from the Executive.

The parliamentary advance

In any case, the concrete possibilities of it becoming law are in doubt. In the Senate they have not yet defined to which committees the text will be turned over. Budget and Justice is being considered, because there are reforms to the criminal code, or if General Legislation and Criminal Matters should be included.

Once that is confirmed, it will be defined when it can start to be discussed. If the entire block of the Front of All accompanies, with the help of two extra allies, with whom Kirchnerism usually easily counts, it can achieve half a sanction in the Senate. However, the panorama in Deputies looks complex.

Several agree that it is an operation to install the issue after the internal crisis, rather than a real possibility. “political circus”define some.

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