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Institute of Puerto Rican Culture postpones the XI Meeting of Archeology Researchers

As a result of the damage caused by the hurricane fionathe Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) and its Archeology and Ethnohistory Program announced in a press release the postponement of the XI Meeting of Archeology Researchers. The event, which was originally scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20, will take place on Friday, September 30, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Amphitheater of the General Archive of Puerto Rico in San Juan. The event, which has been held every two years since 1993, is a space to publicize new findings in the field of archeology in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

During the activity, renowned experts in archeology will offer conferences on their studies and findings. Among them, Miguel Rodríguez López will present the theme “Puerto Rican Indians in Carlisle: an experiment in Americanization”. Also, Alice Sampsom will speak on “What is rock art?” and Armando Martí Carvajal will discuss “The controversy between Irving Rouse and Felipe Pichardo Moya: a theoretical study”. For his part, Víctor Serrano Puigdoller will speak on “A Theory of Colors: Mining Marks on Mona Island, Puerto Rico”. Meanwhile, Mariana Madera Soto will elaborate on the topic “Slavery, sugar and identity in Puerto Rico: The materialization of a discourse” and the Mexican archaeologist Daniel Santo Hipólito will speak on “Archaeological salvage, Cuauhtémoc City Hall, Mexico City.”

For more details about this event, you can write to Lynette Blanc Carmona at [email protected] or to archaeologist Carlos Pérez Merced at [email protected]. You can learn more about this and other events of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture by going to

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