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Inflation: a dreaded “red march” month in supermarkets

The races will continue to cost more in the coming months. Large retailers are warning of a month of “red March”.

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Food prices will rise again in March. (Illustrative photo).

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Ihe supermarkets are already talking about a month of “red march”. If the rise in consumer prices continued in January, with the inflation rate reaching 6% over one year after 5.9% in December, according to INSEE, this increase could accelerate from March 1 . Faced with rising raw material and energy costs, manufacturers are keen to increase prices, for application in early March, according to The Parisian.

Annual negotiations currently being conducted between manufacturers and large retailers, which end on February 28, will determine future increases to be expected for the French. The daily evokes increases of up to 40% increase on many items. “Private brands have already increased their prices last year. The catch-up will come from what we call the big brands”, specifies the journalist of 60 Millions of consumers Lionel Maugain.

+ 790 euros over one year

With nearly 14% price increases in 2022, food products are the first victims of inflation. This should not improve according to a survey by Nielsen IQ. Inflation could stand at 15% in June. For households, this could represent an average additional cost of 790 euros compared to the same races in 2021. “45% of French people are today weakened by the rise in prices, i.e. 25 points more than last May. There are 13 million households to be very fair in terms of finances and nearly 3 million who are no longer coping at all,” adds the journalist. Thus, the French could be faced with significant increases from March 1.

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