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India’s third lunar mission ‘Chandrayaan-3’ begins journey to Moon from Sriharikota

Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh), July 14 (Language)

India got another success on Friday in the space sector. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Friday launched its third lunar mission – ‘Chandrayaan-3’ using LVM3-M4 rocket here. At the end of the 25.30-hour countdown that began yesterday, the LVM3-M4 rocket rocketed spectacularly into the sky from the second launch pad of the Space Launch Center here at the scheduled time of 2.35 p.m., leaving a thick plume of smoke. Sixteen minutes after launch, the launch module will separate from the rocket. The LVM3-M4 rocket is the largest and heaviest in its class, which scientists call the ‘Fat Boy’. Thousands of spectators present to watch the launch cheered as soon as Chandrayaan-3 left. The ‘Chandra Mission’ that took off today is the follow-up mission to 2019’s ‘Chandrayaan-2’. In this third lunar mission of India too, space scientists aim for ‘soft landing’ of the lander on the lunar surface. In the last moments during the ‘Chandrayaan-2’ mission, the lander ‘Vikram’ was not able to make a ‘soft landing’ due to path deviation. If this mission is successful, India will join the club of countries like America, China and former Soviet Union who have achieved such a feat. ISRO had earlier said that under the ‘Chandrayaan-3’ programme, ISRO is going to cross new frontiers by performing a ‘soft-landing’ on the lunar surface with the help of its lunar module and the rover moving around on the lunar terrain. The LVM3M4 rocket was formerly known as GSLVMK3. A ‘soft landing’ of ‘Chandrayaan-3’ has been planned for the end of August. It is expected that this mission will be helpful for future interplanetary missions. The Chandrayaan-3 mission comprising an indigenous propulsion module, lander module and a rover aims to develop and demonstrate new technologies required for inter-planetary missions. Friday’s mission is the fourth operational flight of LVM3 aimed at launching ‘Chandrayaan-3’ into geosynchronous orbit. ISRO said that the LVM3 rocket has proved its mettle to launch multiple satellites, carry out most complex missions including interplanetary missions. It is also the largest and heaviest launch vehicle carrying domestic and international customer satellites, it said.

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