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India tells its story with multiple tributes at the Coca-Cola Music Hall

Linda Viera Caballero, known worldwide as “India”, She has one of the most powerful voices in tropical music. Last night, like many of her compatriots and colleagues this 2023, the one born in Río Piedras He held a concert at the Coca-Cola Music Hall to, among other things, commemorate his 40th anniversary as a singer.

“The princess of salsa”, however, decided to take advantage of the occasion to honor key people in her career, which began in 1985, as part of the Latin freestyle group TKA. The details were present since the venue opened its doors. On the chairs, throughout the space, red, white and fuchsia roses awaited the fans who gathered.

The show started as if it had taken place in a nightclub, but one of the old ones. Dance music from his “great friend”, DJ Barón López, and a powerful and colorful set of lights merged perfectly. For a few minutes, the audience enjoyed the songs “Dancing on The Fire” and “Lover Happiness.”

Like the journalist Celimar Adames, who on April 1 opened the “Saturno World Tour” of the urban exponent Rauw Alejandro, tonight, it was the turn of her former colleague from Wapa Televisión, Julio Rivera Saniel.

The “Noticentro” reporter appeared from the south of the Bronx, in New York, a city that saw La India grow up after her parents made the decision to move when the winner of the Latin Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album was a newborn. born. After a brief summary of the host’s life, the communicator gave the part to the artist.

Dressed in an “oversized” silver outfit and a tall black hat, Viera Caballero descended some short stairs located on the stage. “Nubes Negras”, the hit released in 2022, was the welcome musical number chosen by someone who also trained for a short period to sing opera.

The Colombian singer Goyo, who is part of the original version of the song, arrived at the entertainment center to sing alongside “the queen,” as she named the salsa singer during the performance.

“Bereliz, stand up,” the composer invited the sister of Keishla Rodríguez, the young woman murdered by the former Puerto Rican boxing champion Félix Verdejo. “This is for Keishla. To women, do not let men mistreat you because there are good men and you are worthy of that love. Thanks my people. Thank you for teaching me that when I left, they would never forget me, and that what goes around comes around,” she said in his welcome message.

Santurce Puerto Rico October 28, 2023 MCD Convention District T Mobile concert by the singer La India at the Coca Cola Music Hall Photo by [email protected] David Villafane Ramos (David Villafañe/Staff)

With this other tribute, La India delighted its followers with one of its most important hits: “My greatest revenge.” Needless to say, the audience, especially the women, accompanied the tropical music diva from the beginning to the end of the song.

With a portrait of him in the background for which they used a bright colored filter, and an arrangement of red and white roses on a gold table, Viera Caballero announced another dedication. This time, it was the song “I will never forget you.”

Justa Guadalupe, grandmother of the 54-year-old exponent, was the one who nicknamed her “La India” due to her dark features and straight black hair. Eight dancers, similarly dressed in silver, accompanied whoever It was presented for the first time in concert in 1998 with two sold-out shows at the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center in Santurce.

“If you are my man”, “Estúpida”, “Hielo” and “Sola” caused the artist to grow and reach the high levels that make her unique.

“Don’t be stupid. Women, don’t do it. We have lost many for love,” she advised the women. Then she joked: “Not that you want to. “It is the things in life that make you be unfaithful, quietly.”

Then, she invited “a man who is like her” to the stage, “humble and simple,” she described. “With you, ‘The King of Hearts’, Manny Manuel,” she mentioned with emotion.

The audience was unleashed when both artists kissed each other on the mouth and began with an intense flirtation. Along with the Orocoveño, Viera Caballero performed “Costumbres”. At the end, he entrusted his audience to the merengue singer who, in turn, offered an excellent vocalization of “They say that men.”

The audience couldn’t stand it, they left their seats and started dancing. It had taken them a long time, then, “La historia de la más que canta”, precisely, was filled with the best songs from La India.

The next tribute was to “La Guarachera de Cuba”, Celia Cruz. India sang “The Voice of Experience,” a song that she originally released with her godmother, the late “Queen of Salsa.” Thanks to this collaboration, the Cuban gave Viera Caballero her longest name: “La India, la Princesa de la Salsa.”

For this part, the salsa singer changed into an emerald green dress and black boots. “Modern yerbero”, “Quimbara” and “Bemba colorá”. This tribute gave way to more thanks to SalSoul, Z 93 and the Soto family.

The deceased Cuban bolero player La Lupe also had her recognition tonight. “What did I ask you for” and “The Great Tyrant” made the hostess become all emotional.

Shortly before the climax of the concert “The true story of la más que canta”the Puerto Rican trova singer Victoria Sanabria surprised with her improvisations that, to more than one, as they murmured, reminded them that the Christmas season is just around the corner.

India, who at all times showed why she is called “the one who sings the most,” joined Sanabria on the song “I am boricua.” Listening to them was a reason for those present to join in a chorus full of love and national pride.

Hits like “I left you crazy,” “Sedúceme,” “I want to never see you again” and “Living what is ours” were part of the presentation that lasted an hour and a half in a packed venue, both in its interior and exterior, where multiple events were held for Halloween Day.

One of the most emotional and important moments of the candle occurred almost at the end of the concert. India invited the American producer and pianist, Sergio George, to the stage, precisely, in a “show” that emphasized the theme of feminism.

It is worth mentioning that the musician was the one who produced “Dicen que soy”, an album that is considered one of the most successful of Viera Caballero’s career. For this project, George chose songs to raise awareness about feminism.

With this show, as the singer said, she does not need any title to validate her place in the history of tropical music. India demonstrated – once again – that she is one of the female exponents that best represents the salsa genre throughout the world.

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