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Indexed 2023: the first Latin American SEO event organized by women arrives

She is run by Latinas in SEO, a community that seeks to promote gender equality in the marketing industry.

Indexed 2023 is an online event where you can enjoy talks in Spanish and Portuguese presented by different speakers from the community of women who specialize in organic positioning in different countries of Latin America, such as: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina and more.

In addition to providing knowledge technical and practical About SEO, Indexadas offers emotional well-being activities designed to enhance professional performance that range from meditation, empowerment, tactics to develop an optimal job being mothers, heads of family, migrants, language mentoring and gender equality in the field. professional.

The talks on organic positioning and new methodologies to apply to changes in search engines such as: Google, Bing or Yahoo; will be this Thursday 22 and Friday June 23 from 12:00 pm by the Youtube channel of Latinas en SEO and those interested in order not to lose any moment of the presentations can register by clicking here.

What talks will there be at Indexadas 2023?

In the second edition of the event there will be talks on: SEO in the world of Gamblingdata analysis with SEO, marketing strategies Blog for E-commerce, Artificial intelligenceaccessibility, UX and SEO, organic data dashboard with Google Looker StudioSchema Rich Snippets easy for EASAMoms in the field and more.

Who will be the speakers of the second edition?

The Latina community in SEO opens spaces for women of all Latin America who wish to share their knowledge and want to make their experience visible internationally.

This time they will be:

  • Flor Estevez
  • Christina Ehrensberger
  • Nathalia Menendez
  • Rita Carboni
  • Carla Bernie
  • Lidiane Jannke
  • Layshi Curbelo
  • maria paula collante
  • Caroline Peres
  • Paola Zorro
  • Arianna Lupi
  • victoria columbo
  • Giulia Vibosi
  • Carol Helfstein
  • Amanda Noronha Araujo
  • Anggye Larez
  • Ana Carolina Vicenzi
  • Katerine Triana
  • Andrea Dominguez
  • natalia lopez
  • Claudia Carolina Montes
  • Laura Gonzalez
  • Denise Lugo
  • Karoline Saraiva Silva
  • Ellie Ferrari

How are Latinas born in SEO?

Faced with the specific needs of the region and inspired by Women in Tech SEO and its founder Areej AbuAli, were created Latinas in SEO at the beginning of the year 2021 by five women from different countries: Christina Ehrensberger (Mexico), Nathalia Menendez (Puerto Rico), Rita Carboni (Argentina), Carla Bernie (Brazil) and Florence Estevez (Argentina). They began to promote their community as a sorority space that currently has more than 600 South American women.

This community is a proactive response to the gender gap that exists in SEO in Latin America and since then, the creation of its page, group in Slack and social networkscontribute to the dissemination of the same, to the professional growth of women who enter in search of recognition and support or camaraderie on a day-to-day basis.

To find out more, you can go to the following page and register.

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