Saturday, September 24, 2022
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In the next presidential election

In the next presidential election, the leader of Morena will be used to attracting voters, AMLO will not stop talking about his works and achievements, and the entire party will say, months in advance, that those of the INE – or the United States or Paquita la del Barrio (in this case, the same) – they want to steal their victory, and for the same reason they will not respect the electoral laws.

In the next presidential election, if Adán Augusto López is not López Obrador’s candidate to succeed him, the Secretary of the Interior will spend his days and energy traveling to the states to encourage the governors of Morena to work hard in the national mobilization of voters, so that they intimidate electoral authorities and eradicate any pruritus – to hell with the idea that the law is the law – that prevents them from mixing party and government tasks.

In the next presidential election, if Adán Augusto López is Andrés Manuel’s candidate to succeed him, the National Guard –with the puerile argument that it is a matter of maximum security– will be in charge of taking and bringing, in official planes and with high-ranking military commanders as his aides, to the second Tabascan of the nation. The campaign will be olive green.

Because in the next presidential election, we are warned after what was seen in the revocation consultation, the regime will disregard all democratic clothing and there will be no public resource available to the Morenoites that is not used for the sole purpose they will consider, to the only scenario they will accept: retain power at any cost.

That is the corollary of the revocation, which was nothing more than a test of what will come when the party in the National Palace faces the reality that the time has come for voters to decide whether to stay or leave.

We will witness spell rallies such as the one held by the head of government at the Monument to the Revolution, public media shamelessly promoting the vote for Morena’s candidacies and all kinds of pressure on private media to support, and care for, the ruling party.

Will we see important businessmen declare that those of López Obrador deserve a second term? Yes, of course. Will we listen to different calls to maintain the route, to give time to reap what is sown? Even the Church will revive as a declarant.

Faced with this reality, citizens today do not have an opposition political organization that seems prepared to deal with a regime that will undertake state elections, and that will be used for that objective from now on. A miracle cannot be ruled out: that the MC, PRI, PAN or PRD, together or separately, wake up and manage to reposition themselves as uncomfortable actors for the regime, stones in the shoe that capture the official onslaught, that they grow as adversaries. We’ll see if the miracle happens.

Meanwhile, the future began on Sunday. And in democratic terms it will require unprecedented creativity and resistance from free citizens.

Because the regime will also have social networks at its disposal to use them to spread false news, to destroy the reputations of opponents and critics, and to dominate the debate with issues that support its objectives or distract from issues that are not convenient for it.

In the next presidential election we will see what has not been seen from power in generations: a State machinery focused on its shameless intention to make sure that, to begin with, no one gets the 15 million votes that they already have.

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