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In the midst of the internal ones, Alberto Fernández advances in the return of Agustín Rossi to the cabinet

In the midst of the internal tensions that flourished again after the PAMI leadership spent the summer on a luxurious island in the Mexican Caribbean, Alberto Fernandez analyzes the return of a former minister with political volume who left the cabinet to be a candidate in the last elections and whose landing, they assure in the presidential environment, would be foreseen for the very short term.

Is about Agustín Rossi, the former Minister of Defense who left his place to Jorge Taiana to be a candidate for national senator for Santa Fe, a legislative journey that did not come to fruition and that earned the former official the break with Omar Perotti, the presidential order to leave the ministry and a series of sparks with Cristina Kirchner, who temporarily allied herself with the governor behind Marcelo Lewandowski’s candidacy.

High official sources confirmed to this newspaper that Rossi’s return is “imminent”. And that even the President once again put the name of the former minister on his political table in recent days in the midst of the internal turmoil that originated from the non-exit -for now- of Martín Rodríguez, the deputy executive director of PAMI who traveled to Mexico together with Luana Volnovich and that, according to reports from the Presidency once images of the vacation were leaked, he had to leave the organization.

Luana Volnovich and her boyfriend Martín Rodríguez -two from PAMI- on their vacations in the Mexican Caribbean.

Rossi has been on vacation since the beginning of the year. on the Atlantic coast. Depending on your environment, spoke before the end of 2021 with the President, who asked him to have it “close”. They say that, for the moment, he has not had any specific offer, but that he is a “militant” who is always available.

If the repatriation of the former official takes place in the chair assigned to him by sources close to Fernández consulted by Clarion, would be a replacement of high political impact: as they trust, it could end up in the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI).

From the office of the spokesperson for the Presidency they denied the information.

However, it is not the only place that is speculated: the insistent versions about the future of Juan Manzur in the Chief of Staff place Rossi in an expectant position. Worn out, the man from Tucuman has not been on his feet for a long time, and his influence vanished, since his arrival, with the passing of the months.

Alberto Fernández with Juan Manzur, the chief of staff who faded after a fast start.

Alberto Fernández with Juan Manzur, the chief of staff who faded after a fast start.

After the elections, the former Minister of Defense told his circle of trust, in this sense, that his return should take place in an important position.

The head of state is satisfied with the service that Cristina Caamaño has provided so far, the agency’s comptroller whose mandate was renewed in early January. And that in recent weeks it had a strong role due to the complaint filed in the federal courts of La Plata against former officials of the María Eugenia Vidal administration and former AFI agents for the leak of the video that shows surprising details about the subsequent arrest. unionist Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina.

“Cristina did a good job. She ordered inside and cleaned the use of the funds reserved from the previous management”, explain presidential collaborators. They emphasize that the signal to change the head of the body in the midst of the scandal that shakes Vidalismo and the PRO would be a contradictory signal. But they risk that it could move in that direction a couple of weeks later.

In that eventual replacement, Rossi’s name sounds strong. “I had the intention of doing it,” they abounded from the office of one of the closest collaborators of the president.

“The resignation is available to the President from the day he took office,” AFI spokesmen assured this newspaper, stressing that Caamaño – retired from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, does not receive a salary from the former SIDE – is satisfied with her work, although They recognized that the position produces a notorious wear. A sector of La Cámpora always longed for that place.

In Casa Rosada they emphasize that, going forward, and after the reorganization made by the former prosecutor, it would be convenient to give way to a stage of “professionalization” of the services provided by the agency. A true pending debt that Mauricio Macri took care of enlarging.

Rossi, close to Fernández, was always a leader respected by Kirchnerism. But his legislative adventure last year, which was cut short in the PASO in September when he was defeated by the Perotti list sponsored by Cristina Kirchner and, in the end, endorsed by Casa Rosada, it left him with some disappointments with Kirchnerism.

Before the end of the year, however, the former minister had a conversation with the former President that smoothed things over. Then he went on vacation to the beach. According to reports, there is also a former Perotti official, from Rossi’s kidney, who could end up in the national cabinet: he is the former provincial government minister Roberto Sukerman.

This last week was not the most auspicious for Fernández, who daily monitors the efforts of Martin Guzman for the renegotiation of the debt with the Monetary Fund, the issue that most worries the head of state.

The President first felt slighted by Volnovich, who did not feel the obligation to inform him of his vacation in the Mexican Caribbean with his partner and number two of the PAMI after it became known about the alleged presidential order not to spend the summer abroad.

Then it was the turn of Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro: The Minister of the Interior traveled to Jujuy to meet with miracle room just when, in the midst of successive talks between the president and Gerardo Morales that shook the opposition. The last snub -at least that is how they interpreted it in Olivos- was the responsibility of the vice president herself, who wrote a lapidary tweet against the IMF while santiago cafiero he was trying to seek support from the White House.

On Wednesday, the head of state secluded himself in Olivos for the rest of the week after it emerged that an employee assisting you tests positive for COVID. From that communication until this Friday, according to his social networks, he only received officials from his closest environment: Carla Vizzotti, Santiago Cafiero, Julio Vitobello, Gabriela Cerruti Y Vilma Ibarra, in that order. Nobody from Kirchnerism. Neither Manzur.


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