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In the midst of the crisis over the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he will be a father again

He announced it through a post on Facebook and Instagram. His first daughter, Max, is 7 years old; the second, August, 5.

mark zuckerberg And his wife priscilla-chan announced this Wednesday that they are expecting their third child through a post on Instagram and Facebook.

The photo that the CEO of Meta shared on both profiles of his social networks with his wife, while he runs a hand over her belly. “Happy to share that Max and August will have a new baby sister next year.“, wrote.

Her sister, Randy Zuckerberg, who visited the country in May for a metaverse talk, responded to the announcement: “Hooray!!!!!! Serious girl power family! Can’t wait to meet her!” Mazel Mazel!”

Mark Zuckerberg’s happy post in which he announced that he will be part of it for the third time

The post received so far almost 320,000 Likes and thousands of comments.

The couple has been married for ten years, which they met last May.

Their first daughter, Maxima, Max, is 7 years old. The second, August, 5.

All the attention in the metaverse, it doesn’t take off

Meanwhile, US tech Meta and Qualcomm announced a multi-year agreement to collaborate on the development of microprocessors designed specifically for virtual reality equipment.

In a statement, the two companies explained that their engineers and designers will work together to produce these new chips, which will be based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR platform and will be used in the Quest virtual reality headsetfrom Meta.

However, the construction of the metaverse has been seven consecutive months without profit and still does not convince anyone.

According to Meta’s quarterly report, shared this Wednesday by the technology company, the losses of the company’s Virtual Reality division -in charge of the mission- reached 2,960 million dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook

Zuckerberg acknowledged that those losses could continue for several more years until VR apps and its metaverse platform are mature enough to take advantage of the “massive opportunity” valued at “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

The main reason Meta has been going downhill and unchecked began with its reveal to the world of its metaverse concept, some analysts estimate. However, Zuckerberg shows no doubts and is willing to wait as long as it takes.

The concern of its shareholders is that they do not see a clear direction in which this new initiative is pointing, which has been threatening to stand out for more than a decade without having achieved it to date. Nor do the users show themselves very convinced of the idea.

Sustained losses are also accumulating at Reality Labs, a satellite firm that creates VR and AR apps to help Meta users. However, these abrupt decreases are not unusual and are contemplated for divisions in the phase of research Y developing.

In addition to the declines, Reality Labs’ revenue has been trending down since 2021 and its operating margin has been trending down since 2020. The $11.1 billion revenue and 29% margin posted in the second quarter of 2022 are the lowest in the last seven quarters.

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