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In the middle of the crossfire, Martín Lousteau coincided in an act with Jorge Macri’s first candidate for legislator

The tension between the candidate for head of government for radicalism and the PRO candidate escalated in the final stretch of the campaign.

In the midst of the crossfire between Martín Lousteau and Jorge Macri just over three weeks after the PASO, the pre-candidate for head of government for radicalism coincided in an act with the candidate for first legislator on the PRO’s chosen list for the inmate of Together for Change.

In the final stretch of a campaign that has escalated in tension in recent days, Lousteau toured Caballito and was photographed on top of the tram that leaves from Emilio Miter and Bonifacio.

The photo, for some unsuspecting, is one more of the campaign. But the color fact is that less than a meter from Lousteau was Facundo del Gaiso, who replaced Franco Rinaldi as a pre-candidate for the first legislator on the list that has Jorge Macri as a pre-candidate for head of government.

Lousteau and Del Gaiso They posed smiling to the sides of the driver of the tram, while people photographed them. It was during an act for the anniversary of the Friends of the Tram Association.

The senator, who participated in the event along with Graciela Ocaña, was one of the leaders who questioned Franco Rinaldi the most for the videos with discriminatory comments. Those comments and the wave of questions led to Rinaldi’s resignation from the candidacy.

That step aside from Rinaldi was used by Lousteau to insist on his criticism of Jorge Macri. The economist questioned whether the former president’s cousin had not asked the aviation expert to resign. Lousteau criticized that Macri considered that “an apology was enough”

Shortly after Rinaldi’s resignation, Lousteau posted a message on Twitter stressing that Macri “always considered, and continues to consider, that the apology was sufficient.”

The senator recalled that the Buenos Aires government minister “did not ask Rinaldi to drop his candidacy,” but rather that the protagonist of the videos that sparked the controversy over the discriminatory sayings “resigned when he thought it appropriate.” “And Jorge Macri thanks him, as if it were a patriotic gesture,” Lousteau launched sarcastically.

The inmate between Lousteau and Jorge Macri escalated in recent days with crossed accusations and public statements in which on one side they reject any invitation to debate that they propose from the other. These differences were accentuated after Lousteau and his entourage demanded that Rinaldi be removed from the list.

“Martín Lousteau is not someone with whom I am going to pick up the phone to talk,” was Macri’s blunt phrase in the last few hours, when he was asked about the possibility of debating in the run-up to the primary election in three weeks.

In the environment of the radical leader they avoid raising the tone of the controversy, but they slide criticism. The senator himself recently declared that the difference between him and Jorge Macri is that he has worked “in the City for a long time, perhaps for that reason” that is why they do not share areas, referring to the fact that Macri was mayor of Vicente López.


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