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In Río Gallegos, Cristina Kirchner moves away from the center of the scene

The vice will vote after noon on Sunday. And although her plane will be ready to return to CABA, she could stay in the south.

Away from the last stage of the national campaign of Unión por la Patria, which has Sergio Massa and Juan Grabois as candidates, the vice president arrived in Río Gallegos on Thursday night. It is included in the electoral roll of Santa Cruz to vote this Sunday in the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO).

This Sunday, among the more than 265,000 Santa Cruz residents who are authorized to go to the polls, is Cristina Kirchner. In the dark room she will find more than 70 provincial ballots: she has three options to choose from in the motto of Union for the Homeland for the category of governor and lieutenant governor, but the proliferation of lists responds to the number of sublemmas in the category of provincial deputies.

In these elections the vice will change schools to vote. The electoral roll assigned him Julio Ladvocat school, in the heart of Río Gallegos. Figure on table 619.

From the provincial organization with which Cristina’s vote is always coordinated with that of her sister-in-law Alicia Kirchner, they estimate that the vice president will do so after noon. Then it will be the time of the governor, who spends her last months in front of the provincial administration.

In the midst of the silence that Cristina Kirchner chose in this final stretch of the campaign, she moved to the south: her plane from the Federal Capital landed in Río Gallegos on Thursday at 7:55 p.m. Always accompanied by her custody, she went to her residence on Mascarello street, located on the local waterfront.

during the last week there was speculation about his appearance and whether or not he would accompany Sergio Massa at the closing of the campaign that was scheduled to take place at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata. After the crime of Morena in Lanús and the cancellation by all political spaces of the latest activities for the elections on Sunday, the debate was closed.

According to official sources confirmed to Clarín, the plane that brought her to Santa Cruz will be available to return to Buenos Aires early on Sunday afternoon. But everything will depend on the decision of Cristina Kirchner and if you do not choose to return only on Monday.

Without further movement outside her residence during the Friday of the electoral ban, the vice transits the hours before the PASO in family privacy. In Río Gallegos -in addition to Alicia Kirchner, two of his grandchildren reside, sons of Máximo Kirchner and his ex-partner Rocío García, candidate for provincial deputy.

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