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‘In-person’ services of Indian consulate closed in China, this is the big reason

According to the NHC, an increase in the cases of Covid-19 is also being seen in other provinces of China. The presence of 233 new infected has been confirmed in Jilin province, 22 in Guangdong, 14 in Henan and 12 in Zhejiang.

In view of the increasing cases of Covid-19 in Shanghai, China, the Indian Consulate located there has suspended the diplomatic services available in ‘in-person’ i.e. visiting the embassy premises. The consulate on Tuesday issued a notice saying that Indian citizens living in the East China region can approach the Indian Embassy in Beijing for speedy diplomatic services.

In a notice shared on its website, the embassy said, “The Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has sealed the city and imposed different levels of restrictions. In such a situation, the Consulate General of India located here will remain closed. He will not be in a position to provide ‘in person’ diplomatic services.”

The notice, while providing the phone numbers of the employees, said that during this period the consulate would work remotely and could be contacted for emergency diplomatic service.

According to the Health Commission, overall 26,525 such cases have been found in the country, in which there were no symptoms of infection.

Consul General D Nandakumar said that while the Indian consulate in Shanghai has suspended ‘in-person’ services, it will continue to provide necessary assistance, including counseling, to over 1,000 Indian nationals currently residing in the city.

Nandakumar told PTI that at present around 22 members of the consulate are working from their homes.

He said that there have been no cases of infection among employees and Indian expatriates, yet the consulate is in touch with the members of the community through regional committees.

Nandakumar said the city authorities have supplied food and vegetables to lakhs of people during the lockdown, while the consulate is making arrangements to distribute groceries to Indian families through the local government.

The lockdown was imposed in Shanghai on March 28 to control the cases of infection. Corona investigation of people is being done on a large scale in the city.

Hong Kong’s ‘South China Morning Post’ said on Wednesday that there is increasing discontent among people due to the lockdown.

According to the newspaper, there are reports of people screaming due to being imprisoned in homes for a long time and facing shortage of food and medicine.


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