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In Misiones, Massa criticized the opposition and differed from Alberto Fernández’s management

The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of UP, Sergio Massalanded in Misiones and took advantage of an event to deliver social housing to punish all political sectors and present himself as the only one who has the “courage to make the changes that Argentina needs.”

In a fiery speech on a hot Monday morning, Massa sought to justify the failure of the current Government he is part of. “I am sure that they will understand that we had a difficult time.”. I know that many had different expectations regarding this time. We came from four years of failure and pain that we wanted to overcome quickly. The pandemic and the drought, but also not having established priorities accordingly, led many to feel pain, frustration and even anger; but you have to go look for them, you have to hug them, “We must ask for forgiveness for those things that they feel we failed them.”he said in front of the militancy of the missionary Renewal Front and some social organizations that came to the Itaembé Guazú neighborhood.

In a tone of self-criticism, he added that “it is not bad that we have the humility to apologize, the greatness of knowing that not everything we had proposed in these years, we achieved. But also tell them that we are the only ones who can look forward, giving Argentina a development project where free, quality and inclusive public education is financed by the State. AND “We are the only ones who can guarantee a State that takes charge of security and does not condemn society to go buy weapons to defend themselves.”he stated in a clear reference to the candidate Javier Milei.

Furthermore, he stated that “we are the only ones who have public investment and federalism as a central focus of the development project; “We are convinced that Argentina’s path is through production and work, defending sovereignty, not raffling off our currency or putting the flag of another country in our Central Bank.” Another elevation shot for the libertarian candidate.

At the close of his fiery speech, he assured that “what is coming is better than what is ending. “I have the courage to make the changes that Argentina needs, I have the firmness and the federal perspective,” he insisted.

Wearing a sweater and jeans, Massa shared the stage with Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad; his successor, Hugo Passalacqua; the Renewal candidates for national deputies and senators.

In his speech, Massa also postponed again the implementation of a Special Customs Zone for the province. The project promoted by the Government of Misiones should have been announced at the end of December last year but it added postponements. At the last Mercosur summit held in Puerto Iguazú, the Minister of Economy had hinted that he would carry out the initiative this month. And now he moved it to after the elections.

When referring to the issue, Massa said that “surely we can finish a dream that the missionaries have been fighting for for years and we can sign to forever leave this province the possibility of competing with the States of Brazil and the Departments of Paraguay, through the extended Special Customs Zone”.

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